Ozone Overseas showcases its latest range of home improvement and security solutions at the Index Exhibition, Mumbai

Mumbai, May 26, 2023: Ozone Overseas, a leading home improvement and security solutions brand, today concluded the exhibit of its latest range of products at the Index Exhibition, which was held in Mumbai from 26 - 28 May 2022. With over 200 brands showcasing their products, the Index Exhibition is one of India's biggest international trade fairs catering to the architecture and interior design industry. 

During the exhibition, Ozone Overseas displayed its diverse range of products, including the Eazy & Outliner Framed Shower Enclosures, the Kubik Demountable Partition System, Door Hardware, and an extensive collection of kitchen and furniture fittings. Visitors also had the chance to witness the company's fingerprint and furniture locks, digital safes, and smart devices. Additionally Ozone Overseas also interacted and communicated with their consumers, traders, etc.; understanding the needs and interests of its shareholders. 

Commenting on the success of the exhibition, Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal, President - Strategy, Ozone Overseas said “The brand focuses towards curating products that cater specifically to the Indian market. For instance, our security solutions are designed to address the needs of Indian customers. By embracing such tailored approaches, we foster long-term relationships with consumers, dealers, and various stakeholders.” 

Some of the brand’s products like Eazy & Outliner Framed Shower Enclosures and Kubik Demountable Partition System stood out prominently due to their exceptional design and enduring qualities. Outliner Slim Profile is a stylish and functional solution for Shower Enclosures providing modern elegance with minimalistic design. Whereas, Kubik Demountable Partition System, offers flexibility and easy installation along with adaptable demountable partition systems. The partition allows one to modify or remodel office layouts cost-effectively, ensuring that existing interiors are not damaged at all.  


About Ozone Overseas 

Evolving from a vision to create high-value customer-centric products that supply to Indian and global markets, the Ozone Overseas has become an integral part of the architectural hardware and security segment today. 

The organisation's commitment to excellence and developing innovative solutions has helped cater to architects, builders, planners, and homeowners across India and the world. Over the last two decades, the group has successfully created a footprint that spans across USA, Germany, Turkey, Italy, UAE, and other countries, besides its home base in India. 

The current portfolio has over 5000 products classified under the following categories: 

·        Glass Fittings 

·        Door Hardware 

·        Kitchen & Furniture Fittings 

·        Automatic Doors 

·        Railing Fittings 

·        Demountable Partitioning Systems 

·        Smart devices 

·        Fingerprint Locks 

·        Safes 


Contributing to the Make in India movement with its homegrown solutions, the Ozone Group has brought consistency in development to major cities across the nation. As part of the next phase, the organization is now focusing on expanding its base to tier 2 and 3 cities by providing end-to-end residential and commercial solutions that strengthen India’s national stance in the global market. 

For more information, visit www.ozone-india.com  


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