THE LANDMARK by Imbue Design

The brief given to the Architects by the Developer was to design the best commercial building of  Gandhinagar. Gujarat has a unique hybrid model when it comes to ‘Commercial’ building unlike  most other metro cities, where the functions are clearly distinct for ‘offices’ and ‘retail’. Most  commercial buildings in Gujarat have multiple functions happening in the same building, which  creates a major challenge for the designers.
  • Location: Kudasan, Gandhinagar  Typology: Mixed-use (Retail, office)  
  • Site area: 1,42,222 sq ft
  • Super Built-up area: Apprx. 7,00,000 sq ft
  • Levels: G+6 Floors
  • Developer: Shivhari Infrastructure (Mr. Amit Patel, Mr. Nisarg Patel, Mr. Mitesh Patel)
  • Architects: Imbue Design (Mr. Vishal Bhavsar, Ms. Krishna Bhavsar)
Keeping in mind the client’s objective and the challenges mentioned above, the architects decided to  come up with something, which would be pathbreaking as well as financially successful for the  developer. Hence, the idea of ‘The Landmark’ was conceptualised based on the time-tested retail  places with an open courtyard and circulation through the building, which makes it more interactive  and functional. The architects believed that the building should not only be a true ‘Landmark’ in  terms of the aesthetics, sales and planning but also provide equal opportunity for the ‘end users’ to  do business in case of retail showrooms and corporates to enjoy the occupation in case of the  offices.
To justify this unique opportunity, the architects focused on certain factors while creating the  concepts.
Central Open Courtyard – A central open space of approximately 1 acre was provided. Being the  focal point of the building, it not only provided for ample light and ventilation but also an  opportunity for public gatherings and better interaction between the building and the people. In a  way it functioned like the heart of the building.

Access & Visibility – The most basic element of a good retail building is the frontage, access and  visibility of each store. ‘The Landmark’, provides all these to each and every store. This was one of  the primary reason for the stupendous sales it was able to generate, which no other building had  ever done in the recent memory.

Elevations – The shape of the building was a free flowing curvy one. The fact that it was a corner  plot, enhanced the shape even further. Unlike most buildings, the entire building had stone façade (dry cladding technique). For the entrance portals, stainless steel was used, making it an extremely  upmarket and elegant building

Spatial planning – The ‘mixed’ nature of the building meant that the architects had to give equal  weightage to the retail stores as well as the offices on the top. The sizes were also arrived at based  on the saleability factor. This was perhaps the most challenging aspect of the project where the sizes  varied drastically based on the location. The design did have a perfect blend of small, medium and  large stores.

Services – The unusual design also resulted in challenges as far as the services is concerned. ‘The  Landmark’ had 8 sides, which needed to be treated as ‘elevations’. If the services (ducts, A/C  outdoor units etc.) were not designed properly, it would mean that the façade would be  compromised. Eventually, all the services were placed on one side and rest of the facades were free  of any services. The provisions were made in such a way that even after many years the facades  would not get compromised.

Success – ‘The Landmark’, is perhaps the most successful project of Gandhinagar not only for the  developer but also for the end users. Apart from the design, the construction quality and the  specifications are the best by the industry standards.

‘The Landmark’ is the best example of a ‘perfect’ project. The unique design was equally supported  by great construction. Today, ‘The Landmark’ is the home to top retail brands and corporate offices.

A project where all the stakeholders are happy, is a rarity. ‘The Landmark’, is that rare building  amongst so many other buildings.


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