Incorporating elements of functionality, comfort, and cultural aesthetics By Kala Design Studio

Incorporating elements of functionality, comfort, and cultural aesthetics. Here are some key aspects to consider when designing the interiors .

  • Project Type: Residential, Urban Design, Apartment Interiors
  • Location: Mulund-Mumbai
  • Principal Architect: Hussain Rangwala , Rohit Gojia
  • Designed Firm: Kala Design Studio
  • Year Built:  2023
  • Site Area: 3000 Sq ft
  • Carpet area: 3000 Sq ft
  • Photography: Prashant Bhatt

Space Planning: Efficient space planning is crucial to make the most of the available area. Considering the same we started planning on the project so our client can sense spaciousness while allowing them for easy movement between different areas ensuring that each bedroom has sufficient privacy and storage space.

Colour Scheme: We Opted for a Colour palette which reflects the vision of our client add a touch of warmth and energy to the space. Balancing neutral colons with pops of vibrant shades can create a visually appealing environment.

Side table was customised with faux leather and metal and glass.

Furniture: Selection of furniture was done keeping the functionality, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing in mind. In the bedrooms we had incorporated beds with storage options to maximize space utilization. As for every Indian family storage place is must.

FlooringWhile selection for marbles we ended up with white onyx marble with brass inlaid with black Marquina inlay which was executed beautifully, and for dining wall panelling we selected camel shade suede fabric with metal strips, brown mirror and white colour lamination styled which perfectly synced and balanced to enhance the wall with material mixing. Metal jalli (screen) was used for screens, sealed with POP and veneer. Dining table was created with white Onyx Marble with curved back dining chairs with computer embroidered faux leather and metal displaying comfort and luxury at the same time.

Bedroom: Head wall with 3D MDF was used with colour lamination, Brown mirror, for the Metal frame for head board for bed SS304 grade pipes were selected which were coated with rose gold PVD finish.

Bedding:  Bedding includes layers of bedsheet and a quilted bedcover paired with a set of grand cushions setting and a knitted throw, all curated and customised by our Textile designers giving the ultimate luxurious feel

Wallpaper: Custom tropical print with water colour medium converted to silk wallpaper by our artist.

TV wall was designed with colour lamination and PU faux leather with vertical panelling

Our tips for all our readers who may consist of budding Interior designers is to consult with the client and understand their specific preferences, needs, and budget. By combining functionality, cultural aesthetics, and personal style, you can create a unique and comfortable place called “HOME”.


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