Current Edition 

Dear Readers, 

The summers have brought a leggero of sunshine. With that I Kritika Juneja would like to quote here one of my favorite poets, "That who illuminates even the darkest corners of our souls, reminding us of the beauty that exists within."

During this warm and lovely time of the year, it is perfect to make your home a relaxing refuge by creating a comfortable and enjoyable living space. For someone like me, the beautiful and refreshing garden area covered with colourful flowers, aromatic herbs, and edible plants would be a wonderful place to relax and unwind in the cool summer evenings.

Add colorful throw pillows and blankets in cheerful patterns to add a touch of summer flair. With this issue, we are highlighting various architects, artists and designers while also raising a toast to the EFTA-India Free Trade agreement with my dear friend, Guðni Bragason, Ambassador of Iceland to India.

In this issue, we present some of the most outstanding picks for the season from a variety of architects, including KN Associates, Ds2 Architecture, Bhutha earthern architecture studio, Lijo Reny Architects, Architecture Seed, Kirti Dodeja, Sklimsab Architects, Skyline Planners, Sparc Design, The Vrindavan Project, Karan Grover and Associates. Also, I have added some book recommendations that you might find interesting. Furthermore, below this note you may find one of my paintings very close to my heart named “The Burning Womb”.

It's now easier than ever to submit your work to Interior Exterior and download a digital copy of the magazine through our new website ( In addition, I always look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the warm summer vibes.

Warm Regards,
Ar. Kritika Juneja