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Dear Readers, 

As Heraclitus rightly said, "The only constant in life is change." The new year has brought various changes, while some things remaining the same. With these changes, it is important to remain flexible and adapt to new situations. It is also important to remember that some things will always be the same, such as your relationships, your goals, and your core values. 
Everyone's definition of space is different. It can be a home in form of a physical place, but it can also be a feeling or a sense of belonging. It is a place where people can be their true selves. The more we reflect on the tranny of the space the less surprising it is the young wish to be free of its scrutiny and control.
This issue highlights artists, architects, and designers whose works are timeless and modern, incorporating traditional techniques and materials into innovative and unexpected designs. Studio Shunya, Studio Whitespace, Studio Arquite, and Nivasa are among the architects featured in this issue, while Lixil, Groohe, Godrej, and Boyce are revolutionizing the marketplace. They push the boundaries of what is possible while maintaining a connection to the past. Their work is a testament to the power of traditional craftsmanship and the ever-evolving power of design.
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At the end, as we put these pages together for you, I hope the takeaways add as much joy to our world as they did to ours. Furthermore, I am always glad to hear from you if you have any feedback.

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Ar. Kritika Juneja