Interior Design for Jewellery Store by 42MM Architects

Going by the brand’s tagline ‘Crafted for Eternity’ and their USP ‘Modern Meenakar’, we at 42mm designed the store as a reflection of their brand. Jaipur – being their homeland provided us with the perfect opportunity of blending traditional with the modern. 

The design objective was to exude royalty and luxury through an interior design that isn’t limited to Jaipur but has an international appeal. Monolithic singular treatment with walls clad in Indian stone was thus developed as the modern and minimal design vocabulary for translating traditional architectural elements such as decorative arches and floor inlays. Stone in natural raw finish with accents of polished brass finish has been used as the major material throughout the main display area whereas the visitor’s lounge and director cabin have been kept intentionally subtle to direct customer focus to the display area. Overall monochromatic colour scheme has been followed so as to let the jewels stand out the most.

Everything from the display cases to the lights, furniture, flooring, etc. has been custom designed to match the uniqueness of the brand. The design incorporates our take on traditional motifs that can be seen in the architecture of Jaipur city. 
As one enters the store, they reach a glass cubicle which provides them with a glance of the store and also serves as a security cabin for the store. As one enters, they are greeted to the main display area which depicts the brand’s journey from Jaipur. The highlight is the graphic wall which has been designed as a craft. The wall is completely made of stone with Amer Fort carved on it. The graphic has been generated using different sizes of flutes and chisels. The other walls are all designed in stone. These walls frame the bronzed mirrors with stepped mouldings and create a transitional backdrop for the display units. 

The flooring represents meenakari – the art of colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colours that are decorated in an intricate design. We designed an intricate yet minimal pattern using basic geometric shapes for the flooring. The brass finish mould sits in the centre over which the carpet has been inlayed with utmost precision.

Ceiling has been kept minimal to complete the monolithic look. All slot diffusers, light fixtures, sensors, speakers, etc. have been concealed in a black linear cove which forms a part of the design. The design of the ceiling and the chandeliers has been derived from ‘Lotus’ and is conceived as a geometric representation. The chandeliers are finished in brass and add an elegant touch to the whole interiors. 

The light fixtures have all been customised to achieve the perfect brass finish as that of the furniture. The track lights add to the minimal ornamentation of the store and create perfect focus for the display units. Wall washers and grazers create the desired contrast of light and shadow in the display area and thus enhance the overall design.


  1. The interior design for the jewellery store by 42MM Architects is truly captivating and reflects the essence of the brand's tagline, 'Crafted for Eternity.' The fusion of traditional and modern elements in Jaipur, the brand's homeland, creates a unique and internationally appealing atmosphere. The use of monolithic singular treatment with walls clad in Indian stone showcases a modern and minimal design vocabulary, while incorporating traditional architectural elements such as decorative arches and floor inlays. The natural raw finish of the stone, combined with accents of polished brass, exudes a sense of royalty and luxury throughout the main display area. The intentional subtlety of the visitor's lounge and director's cabin directs the customer's focus towards the exquisite jewellery on display. To discuss more about Top interior designers in Chennai

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