Comfort and elegance converge with BoConcept’s curved new capsule

Rooted in the modern organic trend for curved lines and sculpted round shapes, BoConcept’s new Bolzano Kollektion launches in May ’23 and comprises a 3-seater sofa, a 2.5-seater sofa, armchair and chaise longue. Not taking a modular system, this is a capsule that is pleasing in its artful singularity.

The kollektion has been designed by Morten Georgsen, who designs stylish furniture with multiple functions. Working for BoConcept for more than 25 years, Morten’s designs and talent have proved timeless and, with their simple beauty, always fit the modern home. The capsule’s organic round silhouette has a cocooning effect with curvaceous frames and puffed-up seats enhanced by pairing with cosy, inviting textures, like Lazio Brown bouclé in calming neutral shades.

Why does it feel right for now? This collection comes at a time when ‘Curved Comfort’ is a growing trend in the design world, inspired by nature, amorphous forms and spherical shapes.

A gentle curve adds interest to spaces with a multitude of straight lines. Soft organic shapes add flow, movement and balance to our interiors. They create a feeling of home, a sense of calm and serenity - all central components of Danish hygge, too. 

Where BoConcept’s foray into curves stands out is in its drive to achieve maximum comfort whilst also ensuring optimum elegance. 

“Even though this is a sleek shape and not as ‘deep’ as a typical lounge sofa, we do not compromise on comfort”, says BoConcept’s Collection & Visuals Director Claus Ditlev Jensen. This is achieved through rigorous testing and achieving the perfect foam to frame ratio that makes it feel wonderful to sit in.

The elegant silhouette created is another key factor, with voluminous back and seats giving way to slimmer arms, where padding isn’t as necessary but a contoured finish is. “We made the pieces more and more slim as they curve to the corner where you don’t have any comfort needs at all. It’s a more elegant aesthetic”, says Claus.

BoConcept’s Bolzano Kollektion stands out in the market thanks to its curved front panel that gives a 360º curve all the way around the seat. The rear of each piece also features a recognisable ‘pulled in’ stitching detail that brings a signature organic style and identity to our designs. “It’s a sense of completing the circle”, says Claus. “A beautiful detail that sets us apart.”

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BoConcept was founded in 1952 in Denmark and is today the world’s most global furniture retailer, with over 310 stores spanning 67 countries. The brand works with award-winning designers to create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting for private homes and business spaces. Under the heading ‘Live ‘Ekstraordinær,’  BoConcept iscommitted to bringingits flexible Interior Design Service and industry-leading customisation to spaces both private and public – without compromising on design vision or aesthetics.  

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