The Home Beyond Boundaries by Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture


An imposing structure with seamless textures of wood, surrounded by greens, defined the first impression with the homeowner’s request for a “home of warmth”. This home had to accommodate a nuclear family of husband, wife and their two daughters in a smaller area but with a sense of openness and minimalism devised around courtyard planning. Snuggled in a compact area of just 500 square yards, the two-storey villa holds a living and dining area, bedrooms, lounge, pooja room, kitchen, and terrace.

  • Name of the Project: The Home Beyond Boundaries
  • Principal Architectural & Designer : Ar. Bhuvan Kapila , Ar. Gagandeep Kapila 
  • Structural Consultant : Jaitley Contractor 
  • Area - 4500 sqft
  • Location: Faridabad
  • Completion Date :2022
  • Photo courtesy: Vaibhav Bhatiya

This residential design is rendered with modest pops of neutral colours and the kinship of a close-knit nuclear family that endorses the walls and makes it a home. Its facade is boldly expressed with the use of wood and stone in such a way that the inside and outside environments are seamlessly integrated.

One of the most distinctive features of the design is its skylight. It is built as a long central volume that primarily defines itself as an enclosed atrium with an unfilled center. However, it is this vacuum that acts as a source of natural light, illuminating and bringing to life the many rooms along its circumference. The structure is easily recognized upon entering the house, which has a unique central entrance. Another distinguishing aspect of the project is the existence of a feature rock wall in the living room, which stands out due to its raw, natural form aesthetic, and a finish being achieved utilizing massive blocks of Chinese rocks.

The interior palette is predominantly muted, with shades of beige and pops of colours from furnishings. The client’s desire for a luxury minimalist home drives the overall design language of the house. Even so, surprisingly whimsical details with hints of gold and silver make themselves apparent to anyone who cares to take a closer look. The grand staircase at the center of the house, for example, resembles a heavy (black) mass sitting on an expanse of white marble; the living room is adorned with a granite wall and hand-painted art pieces, while the dining room offers pops of whites amid the neutral tones of the rest of the home. The lounge area is the focal point of the home and is built to be able to glance into all the other spaces. With a blend of recreational and restful spirit being created alongside a frenetic cooking space, the lounge is purposely built as a soft edge to the kitchen area.

The artwork showcased within every part of the house compliments the house by evoking the spirit of the setting integrating sharp contrasts with the respective neutral palettes, and the tone of the artwork chosen works in tandem with the specific spaces to read as one.

On entering the villa, it welcomes you with a light-filled atrium that expands to an open expanse of living, dining, and a lounge, relishing spaciousness in a relatively compact area. A hide-and-reveal experience is reflected in the interiors: while the glass partition between the formal drawing room offers a glimpse into the dining area, creating seamlessness in collaborating it as one big space, at the same time using partitioners and brass accents designates a boundary to the spaces. The bold spaces and textures of the house amicably mingle with the gentle sensual spaces like the lounge seating area that includes a modest table and cozy seating around vibrant artwork.

The lobby on the first floor, framed by glass railings, allows you to glance at the lounge and dining as you move upstairs. Natural light also plays a vital role in defining the openness of the interiors, not only with a large skylight at the entry but also with floor-ceiling windows in every space.

While the guest room is planned on the ground floor, the other bedrooms are located on the first floor to address the privacy of this close-knit family. The master bedroom follows a retro style that reflects an old-world charm in its design language, with Sucupeera wood veneers grabbing the highlight. It is a transitional space blending traditional and modern accents for a stylish and cozy appeal. A subtle simplified elegance is created by using a minimal color palette with only the bare necessary furnishings. On the other hand, the elder daughter’s bedroom displays industrial aesthetics along with a play of patterns in fabrics to reflect her personality as a passionate textile designer. Wooden flooring in bedrooms adds warmth to the personalized private areas of this home. The younger daughter's room is a space of playfulness constructed from geometric wall patterns, inventive paintings, mini toys, and creative textures that encourage imagination and ingenuity in the room to suit her personality.

The topmost floor acts as a recreational zone for the family to enjoy their time together. It hosts a large multipurpose area with cozy couches and armchairs furnishing the space. The artworks showcased along the wall are a careful curation of handpicked architectural nuances designed exclusively in line with the overall look and feel of the space. The area opens up to a deck that serves as a breezy spot to have conversations in an outdoor space filled with greenery. The elegant outdoor seating with pastel throws takes centre stage between all the vividness. 

This Vastu-compliant home with optimal natural light also gives invariable importance to architectural lighting design, with most of the light fixtures imported from Europe. Warm white lighting fills the interior spaces with illumination. Customized lighting on the rock walls reflects the material's character, whilst mood lighting elicits different emotions through changeable illumination. Eco-friendly features of this home include a low-maintenance facade cladded with lightweight & durable materials such as sustainably sourced wood, porcelain, slim tiles, and stones in colours of black and grey, giving a striking look. The home exhibits grandeur and audacity even with a minimal design, from bold and dramatic exteriors to more expressive interiors, and the constant choreography of inside-outside connection defines this luxury villa situated in the urban landscape. 

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