The Arawali hills farm masterpiece of luxury by Sd Inc. Ar.Sunil Dhingra & Shilpi Dhingra

Arawali hills farm masterpiece of luxury at Sohna, Gurugram Haryana
  • Principal Architect(s) : Sunil Dhingra
  • Interior Designer : Shilpi Dhingra
  • Project Type : Luxury Residential
  • Location : Sohna, Gurugram, Haryana
  • Photography: Ravi Kant Photography
  • Year Built : 2023
  • Site Area : 2.0 Acres approx..
  • Carpet area  : 7000 sq. ft.
  • Project Cost Appx : 8.0 Cr
  • Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : Asian paints & Jaquar for their continuous support, special thanks to Unistone for design elements
Designed as a cocktail of Luxury and Tranquillity, this is a state-of-the-art luxury farm with G+1 setup & fully Vastu compliant. The main emphasis is on the arrival experience, hence starting from the main gate to the drive way and water bodies around the drop off area and to the porch, element of design and surprise are planned at various strategic locations. Designed for an elite class, this farm is visualised as a landmark of the area with its unique visual appeal and design.

This is conceptualized as a luxury 4 BHK residential unit with G+1 setup which is fully vastu compliant with entrance to the main building is set at 0 degree North east.

Main emphasis was on the arrival experience so starting from the main gate to the drive way and water bodies around the drop off area and to the porch, element of design and surprise are planned at various strategic locations to have the majestic royal entry to the main dwelling unit.                                              The vehicular approach area is limited to driveway, parking and drop off only and other areas are connected by walkways to have more landscaped area.

There is a provision of 6 covered car parking slots with provision to charge the E vehicle.
Main building has a covered porch with a pitched roof which acts as a transition space between conditioned space and external weather conditions.
It leads to double height living room with a high-pitched roof above, which gives a majestic palatial view at the arrival.
Here our tour begin in the main unit of this farm house :-
“Ground floor” it consists of double height living room with family dining space and a family lounge, state of the art bar, classically designed semi open kitchen after that we are having a  powder room and guest bed room with attached walk in closet area and washroom. There is secondary entrance veranda near to the guest room which is basically designed as a small smoking corner to satisfy the craving of smokers.
Staircase leads to the first floor which opens in Den area with private gym overlooking the living room below. There are 2 Main suites on the first floor with their balconies overlooking the swimming pool.

Suites are designed on the theme of a hotel luxury rooms with their walk in closet and fully equipped attached washroom with shower cubicle and steam area.
There is an open terrace attached to the gym for the yoga lovers to indulge with nature while doing yoga in open terrace.
Elevation is designed on modern European architectural style with high pitched roofs, stone coated metal roof cladding and wide glazing / opening areas wherever the views are picturesque.
Texture paint in dark grey colour enhances the green shade of metal sheet cladding.
Balcony railings are designed in Cast iron to support the architectural theme of rich European architecture.

Furthermore, the campus has a separate meeting / library room which is away from the main building and near to the main entrance which is planned for the informal business meets of the client while maintaining the privacy of his residential unit.
Separate servant quarters with service yard are also planned away from the main building to have the resort type feeling while enjoying the service of the support staff.

2 big MS structure gazebos are planned for outdoor sitting and open dining and pool with a water fall cascade behind the rooms to have the refreshing view of the pool when you wake up. A sunken bar is planned with the pool under the gazebo to enjoy the luxury of pool party.

Engineering Services and security USPs:
Campus lighting is planned in a way so that the entire lighting is divided into various zones. Ceremonial decorative lights have separate control while general lighting have separate control to adjust to the party vibes. CNC patterns are used for various decorative lights to play with the reflections and shadows.
The campus has separately laid services lines for rain water discharge and sewage discharge. The rain water line ends up to the rain water harvesting pit and sewage line ends up to a 2 KLD fully automatic STP. The campus is designed on 0 discharge design guidelines to make it eco-friendly and self-sustaining.

The campus has a 5 KVA solar plant installed on top of its library building.
Campus irrigation is fully automated with strategically planned automatic sprinklers which pop out and water the garden and plants as per requirements set by the horticulturist.
The entire campus is high speed WIFI enabled with various hot spots strategically placed at outdoor locations also so there is no glitch in connection while working at any corner of the campus be it swimming pool or gazebo or landscaped gardens.
Being in aloof area, security was of topmost concern. Considering the security, window glasses are laminated double layered glass with film in between making it more rigid and less vulnerable. Apart from that, 3 tier security is planned by means of CCTV and use of advance technology to achieve the desired level of security.
Interior design theme is primarily rustic with emphasis on maintenance free material it being second home. The POP grooves on ceiling enhance the profile and also add to the visual delight.
The mouldings used on walls with theme picture frames inside the mouldings enhance the beauty of the interiors.  Internal lighting temperature is taken as 4K to induce energy in the surroundings.  Colour scheme revolves around very subtle earthen colours and tones of whites to keep it soothing and refreshing. Use of colourful cushions is done to add flavour of life.

Overall, classical theme is taken for majority of the spaces to enhance the grandeur. Colourful soft furnishing adds hue and colours to the interior and has been used as a flavour.
The bold architectural lines are well supported by the hues and tones of interiors in subtle shades.
Designed as a Cocktail of Luxury and Tranquillity under our flagship SD Inc, this is a state-of-the-art luxury residential unit where every furniture, soft furnishing, artifacts, curtains with colours and texture are designed & handpicked for the perfect combination.

A palette of colours, hues and textures is exclusively designed for every single space to have the uniqueness and identity of the space maintained and to have the surprise factor alive.

About  - At SD Inc, it shall remain our constant endeavour to integrate luxury, services and creativity together to deliver the best as committed to our clients. 

Shilpi Sunil Dhingra
For interior designer Shilpi Dhingra, creative expression is not just work, it’s a way of life. A multi-talented life enthusiast, she discovered her passion for design at an early age. With her critical eye for detail and natural spirit of innovation, she’s pushing the boundaries of design in unexpected ways.
She is a skillful collaborator and natural leader, taking charge to guarantee timely, stress-free project completion. Her penchant for time management and project delegation makes her an asset to the team. She strives to create beautiful, eco-friendly designs that not only beautify the current world but conserve resources for the future. When she isn’t dreaming up the latest innovations in practical, beautiful design, she’s spending time with her beautiful daughters Tanisha and Navdha, and helping them develop their own sense of wondrous creativity.

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