White Domus Unveils the Striking Arruga Wall Art

White Domus is a distinctive design studio that has mastered the art of stainless steel through experimentation. Continuing with their philosophy, the brand has recently unveiled the Arruga Elefante, Arruga Diamond and Arruga Abstract wall art.

These one-of-kind wall installations set the mood and elevates the ambiance of any kind of space. With these wall art pieces, the brand aims to blur the lines between art, object and functionality. Crafted using one-of-a-kind techniques, these distinctive bespoke pieces of art are aesthetically pleasing and visually arresting. Each piece exudes an international appeal, while celebrating Indian workmanship.

Arruga Abstract

White Domus’ Arruga artwork captures the perfect imperfections, the creases, folds, and ridges. This wall art is as sturdy as the material it is made of, stainless steel, yet looks delicate like fabric. The Arruga wall art adds a contemporary touch to any space. Made to look like wrinkled fabric, this metal wall decor will throw the viewer off balance.

Arruga Elefante

Representing both the mammoth wonder of nature and its extraordinary anatomy, the contemporary take on the elephant will appeal to those who love a bit of adventure in their space.

Titled Arruga, the bends on this installation have come about with carefully exerted body weight. The end product is a truly handcrafted beauty that can be customised with a lush coating of your selection.

Arruga Diamond 

White Domus gave form to a sheet of stainless steel, making it look so soft and delicate that the viewers question their common notions. Stimulating the human mindset to go beyond its limit to identify what they see can be something entirely different in reality, the brand aims to push the boundaries of stainless steel to create such majestic pieces. The artwork interacts with the viewer through the distorted reflections.

White Domus is an art studio born from the fusion between art, sculpture, and functional objects, introducing contemporary art in the different elements of the spaces. The studio is the brainchild of two brothers; Aroosh Mahipal and Nitush Mahipal. They believe in experimenting with materials, textures, colors, and forms to provide their patrons with artistic heirlooms that are not just visually attractive extensions of their personalities but are also environmentally friendly. That art should emotionally impact the viewer is their guiding force, they have built a repertoire of products that do not conform to typical thinking. Quirky without compromising on luxury and eccentric while being memorable – their structurally superior creations are rendered in recyclable stainless steel and coated in lustrous mirror polish.

The brand’s name comes from the Latin word ‘Domus’ which means home and the colour white. This reflects the brand's philosophy that the home is a white canvas that has endless possibilities for artistic expression.

About the designers: Aroosh and Nitush Mahipal are artists, designers, creators, and brothers. After studying business studies in Europe, they started working in the family line of business with industrial steel. They created a space to ideate and experiment in their family’s factory and took the first design through projects and collaborations with leading interior designers and architects.



K-5A/1, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Contact: +91-9971321803


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