manawat house By RN deesign Ar.Rohit gupta & Ar.puja gupta

  • Project Name : Manawat House
  • Designed by :RN DEESIGN
  • Principal Architect(s) :Rohit Gupta & Puja Gupta
  • Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : Puja Gupta
  • Location : Thane,Maharashtra
  • Client Name: Mr.Bharat Jain
  • Year Built : 2022
  • Site Area : 1800sqft
  • Project Cost Appx : 58,00000
  • Photography:whatweclick
Minimalist Flairs and art-deco vibes
This Luxurious duplex apartment over 1800 sqft for an inter-generational family showcases serene elegance with fine gold accents and vibrant color palette. The idea was to develop an equilibrium of modern and contemporary elements in the interiors. Most of the vibrant Color emerges from the walls, fabric of bespoke furniture customized to suit the scale of the space. Color being the prime factor of client’s and designer choices, each specific area displays about the bold composition of the elements and form.
An abode of bright colors, cheerful niches and artistic mandir area radiating positive energy and vibrancy with a combination of gold metal and colored upholstery. The entryway stands in good stead with tropical wallpaper, artwork and hint of color in the ceiling. The Living room & Dining area briefs was to create warm, somewhat eclectic & extravagant space yet it should be subtle. The flooring and ceiling was kept neutral to make way to use pop of colors to achieve the desired effect. The TV unit is created in beautiful Fluted MDF panels finished in duco with a minimal storage space for utility purpose. In all, this exquisite abode has a plethora of luxurious materials, rich textures and vibrant colors which evokes bliss as one remains fixated constantly. The 3-seater peach color sofa rests against the bottle green motif accent wall which lends the space an additional dimension.
The dining table in Marble top with customized golden metal legs and the chairs are designed in single fabric tone keeping the functionality in mind with subtle golden legs and patterned back rest to add a touch of elegance.
It was a pleasure to design a room for the Client's daughter and son. The style of the kid's bedroom compliments the overall design, but it leaves room for a little playfulness which is their true personality. The Playfulness of modern arches on the wall, wardrobes, storages and fluted customized sofa cum bed, adds a unique touch to the bedroom creating a dreamy oasis infused with springtime blush colors. 
The other two bedrooms encapsulate a minimal, modern yet splendid approach. It’s a balanced blend of luxe and a whole lot of classy.
It is impossible to deny the serenity and simple beauty with a lot of colors, lights and colorful furnishings that are well built and comfortable.
The master bedroom on the upper floor has a moody, dramatic and bold theme-with emerald green, grey MDF paneling walls with black glass added to the wardrobe for that bold touch. The master bedroom is modern, contemporary and minimalist.
Emerald color bed with same color matching upholstery, curtain and wardrobe are the highlights here.
The primary Bedroom has been done up in Royal Blue and fiery yellow Color scheme embellished with on-site metallic gold finish mirror frame. The blend of palates- a bold yellow fabric headboard, a soothing wash of royal blue on the walls, an intimate warmth of grey duco paneling on the wardrobe and wallpaper make the rooms look cozy & spacious at the same time. We kept the wall simple above the bed, side mirrors with gold finished metal frame & the Headboard of the king size bed to bring a touch of luxury.

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