Many Moods of Summer by Ar.Nishtha Duggal and Rohan Gera


The Concreate Story composes a French sonnet in the Gurugram residential project ‘Many Moods of Summer’

  • Project Name : Many Moods of Summer
  • Project Type : Residential
  • Location     : Gurugram
  • Architect’s Name: Nishtha Duggal and Rohan Gera
  • Firm Instagram : -
  • Client Name  : Ghanshyam Vanjani 
  • Year Built   : 2022
  • Site Area    : 2,200 sq ft
  • Carpet area  : 1,500 sq ft
  • Photography  :Asmita Khodankar

A sonnet aptly, the house ‘Many Moods of Summer’ designed by Nishtha Duggal and Rohan Gera of The Concreate Story sings along with sunlight and soft pastels. A 2,200 sq ft apartment with a 1500 sq ft carpet area is designed into a dream-like French-inspired apartment with only minimal structural changes by the designer duo. The theme of the house is what the name suggests—home to all things that make us feel like it’s a fresh summer day. The client wanted a place of living that expressed their love and comfort for the French style of interior design. Therefore the concept was more experience-based. The house had to be more about what you feel in each space rather than what you see.

The bare shell of the house was on the 11th floor of Gurugram’s plush society of Pioneer Presidia, which overlooked a beautifully designed swimming pool and club on one side and the barren land speckled with greens on the other side. Rohan and Nishtha felt the need for color interaction as the apartment was washed by abundant natural light. They also considered the client’s brief of an open-airy and mostly white, house. All these prerequisites helped us conceptualize the house. After several mood boards and 3D models to visualize how the envisioned ideas would look on the site, concept boards came in the process to put it all together in one coherent style.
The concept board brought in the line of thought that introduced typical soft linen details, which gave birth to the chair bows, the chimney frills, the congenial sweaty in French floral fabric, and chequered combinations. As a result, the smallest of details were paid attention to, even if it meant the cushions were hand-stitched on-site. Details from the vintage era France are speckled around the house, mixed with modern upholstery, and elements from the Indian context like the Rajwada style mirror frame and center coffee table. The color palette is different in each space. It ranges from tones of French yellow and powder blue to shades of pink and mustard. The theme of a summer mood is the same however, the monotony of the same language throughout the house has been challenged in each space. Material tactility can be seen in all areas; the floor is glossy and the wall panellings are high gloss PU to reflect as much natural light as possible, which enabled the space to come together as seamlessly as it did.

Many Moods of Summer has a design of a sustainable manner for a better tomorrow. Most factors that help make a house sustainable and eco-friendly are incorporated by the designers. The use of LEDs in the house and light colors on the walls to encourage well-lit environments reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day is incorporated thoughtfully. Additionally, the use of double-layered curtains with sheers significantly reduces heat gain. Wall panels, thresholds, and pelmets are repurposed from old wood and the previously owned furniture is refurbished to fit the French theme.

One can experience the Many Moods of Summer by going through a soothing powder blue English door that opens into a well-lit view of the drawing room on the right and the passage leading to the bedrooms on the left. The walls of the living room are paneled with horizontal grooves intentionally, to mark the length of the space. Below a beautifully hand-carved mirror frame, sits a rather comfortable 3-seater sofa dressed in powder blue suede. The custom-made corner tables finished in teak break the monotony of white. The handpicked linens for the curtains and their details render the French windows into a setting of luxury. The drawing room extends into the dining area which further leads into the open kitchen, binding all three spaces in one stretch. The dining table is customized in Mother of Pearl, which sparkles subtly throughout the day. The chairs are vintage-style Louis-legged chairs, with wicker backs and comfortable suede seats. The bows are tied like embellishments on each chair. The dining room makes way to the kitchen—a place that provides ample space for the client’s love of hosting and cooking. The kitchen is dressed in impeccable whites and boasts a hand-carved luxury via its breakfast counter that took nearly 60 days to complete.

As one walks along the corridor, the simple white walls and period sconces with satin shades teleport you to an old era altogether. It almost feels like walking the corridor of the past. The first bedroom on the right, decorated in pink linen and painted in simplistic whites, has a warmth to it that makes the guest room alluring and inviting. A 13ft long window seater or the ‘reader’s abode’ often becomes the Sunday siesta spot. In a bold combination of yellow and pink, the bathroom enjoys an abundance of color. Past this Fuschia-pink room is the master bedroom, which is more boutique-like in style as opposed to the former. The client’s interest in texture is reflected in this room into a very raw yet unusual summer palette of honey dust, linen fabric, and bottle green. The room has windows on an entire wall and a balcony right opposite the bed, making it the most well-lit space in the house. It is because of this (that) the black and delicate, state-of-the-art console is built here. A niche near the rocking chair, where the client spends most of his time reading and sipping his tea, is designed to provide the perfect vantage point. The Tiffany bedside lamps royally sit beside the bed that has been reupholstered in English-styled fabric. The bathroom has an Avery boutique vibe to it—the patterned floor in combination with teak wood wardrobes and vanity defines elegant luxury for the elderly. The powder bathroom is a small quaint space, done up in Onyx blue tiles lined with a 3-inch cornice.

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