Tropic Extent- a fusion of Art and Nature by Ar.Maher Desai (Surat)

  • Project Name -Tropic Extent- a fusion of Art and Nature
  • Project Type- Diamond executive space design and production space planning.
  • Design firm-Kritnam Atelier
  • Principal Designer – Maher Desai
  • Furniture brands – 3 seater sofa – Brand-Stanley, Lounge chair- knoll
  • Art integration – Jabir R. Kureshi
  • Logo calligraphy -Maher Desai
  • Location – Surat, Gujarat
  • Duration of project - 45 days.
  • Executive space -1200 sqft.
  • Production area 1- 1645 sqft.
  • Production area 2 -1535 sqft
  • Total Project size -4380 sqft
  • Year built - April 2022
  • Photography- Pratikruti09_ar_photography

The core idea of the built environment is to bring it back to nature. The design philosophy is a blend of rustic themes based on the idea of living with nature. Our client is deeply involved in the diamond industry, but apart from being very down to earth, also attached with nature. Hence, knowing the client's persona as well as his fondness for the environment. A few words pop out, which are something raw, organic, rustic, tropical etc. Moods and Feels- Exposed concrete, Stucco paint, Fabric leather, Reusable PVC modular panel.

The main access wall skin is covered with reusable fluted PVC module panels that give a firewood feel. Furthermore, the brushed brass logo and the plant added to its grandeur.

Upon entering the premises, you feel the flora gallery where you are greeted by the abundant touch of the sun's rays and the various shrubs. This is not just an office; this is a manmade ‘tiny jungle’ which is adorned with an art canvas and sculpted furniture. The vinyl floor the surface gives a seamless visual and maintains the spaciousness of the whole area. 
The hallway is lit up with plentiful sun rays which are connected to a lead thin-frame glass partition layer which makes you feel like you are standing outside in the greenery as the sun's rays are spread evenly at every corner. All cabins are completely transparent but also maintain privacy using minimal obstruction. Seating in a waiting lounge makes you feel like you are in a park; an informal lounge makes you feel open. Minimally, an executive space gives a soothing as well as homely feel with lavish green.

A fluid art is inspired by ‘Diamond Dispersion’ – where the light travels through the diamond and separates into spectral hues. A fusion of art and science which is used in this space.

“We will shift the office but keep the diamond work going.” - informed by a client.  So, we sat down with the client and prepared an individual department-wise list. Which day, on what date, which department will be shifted, and how long will it take a time for a shift.  In a nutshell, we started the work by taking care of every micro thing.
About new Space Design- For an execution, each furniture components were prepared within specific details using detailed 3d models, so that it could be easily understood, and implemented as well as achieved the expected result. All executive furniture is specially designed in the style of modular furniture. The reception table is adorned with a pattern of diamond facets which add to the beauty of the furniture.

Without making any changes to the existing furniture of both the production zones, we took the micro-sizes of each furniture and diamond machine and actual dimensions marked on the site, which made it easier for everyone to understand. Team and agencies worked day and night. Thus, the work was completed as planned. In both production zones, each partition was re-anodized and reused, which resulted in completion of work at a low cost. We have completed this project in 45 days and achieved a new milestone.

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