Prasenjit Mukherjee’s Home By CEE BEE Design Studio

  • PROJECT NAME:Prasenjit Mukherjee’s Home
  • PROJECT BY:CEE BEE Design Studio
  • PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT:Chitralekha Biswas 
  • CLIENT:Prasenjit Mukherjee
  • LOCATION:Kolkata – Greenview Souther Avenue 
  • PRINCIPAL DETAIL:Chitralekha Biswas
  • PRINCIPAL DESIGNER:Chitralekha Biswas
  • BUILD AREA:1500 sq.ft
  • DESIGN TEAM:CEE BEE Design Studio
  • PROJECT COST:30 lacs
  • PHOTOGRAPHY:iLEAD Production

Picture your family and friends gathered around a cozy farmhouse dining table…the aroma of a stew simmering in the kitchen, a space filled with old world charm and shabby chic knick knacks … Reminiscent of old times, all this right in the middle of a busy city life.
The European country style has gained a lot of prominence in recent times and has emerged as one of the most fashion forward interior design trends – and Chitralekha’s absolute favorite style. With her extensive experience in the interior design world in London and her extensive travels across Europe she aspires to bring in this sublime, throwback style into the homes of India.
In this particular property each piece of furniture has a story to tell. some of the standout pieces for us are the coffee table in the living area which has a brilliant patchwork design which is modern yet rustic, the use of customized fabric in TV table is another stand out feature, the master bed and the wardrobe both have the old world  weave finish which is pure genius. Most of the furniture has been handpicked and some have been custom created for this apartment to get the exact distressed look that the client wanted. Though the colour palette is muted with earth tones a few pops of colour here and there add that oh so vital accent.
Since its inception in November 2014 CEE BEE has successful completed over 150 completed residential projects and more than 30 commercial projects along with restaurants, boutique hotels and other segments. Currently CEE BEE is working Pan India with offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Goa. It has been her endeavor from the very beginning that she wanted to revolutionize the Interior space by bringing in corporate best practices. CEE BEE aims not only to provide amazing interior solution to prospects but also facilitate an overall professional experience which makes them a preferred choice time and again. 
In her personal life she has seen her share of ups and downs and at times it has been challenging to be the CEO at home and office, especially being a mother to her beautiful daughter Chiara. But so far so good she has been largely successful in finding that balance of work and life.

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