Top 5 Interior Design Trends For The Year 2023 by Aashita Chadha, CFO & Co-Founder - KariGhars

Even though life has taken a new form after the pandemic, the discourse over how it has impacted our homes and lifestyle continues into 2023. The major interior trends of 2023 will thus be driven by a desire to nest oneself in homes, either through creating a self-care space immersed in joyous colour or initiating soft materials for a more tangible cocooning effect.

Aashita Chadha, CFO & Co-Founder of The KariGhars, unveils a prediction analysis of 2023 interior design trends with a fresher fervour that will highlight bold and forward concepts, thus adding a greater demeanour to the space.

Comfort At The Core - 
Shrouding furniture or finishes, delectable textures, and whisper-soft tones will be the defining characteristics of comfort as a form of expression that offers solace and relaxation. During the aversive days of lockdown uncertainty, calming textures truly came to the fore. Undoubtedly, they maintain their popularity, particularly in the bedroom and living room, which are both meant for lounging and furnished with a sense of velour and warmth. People want their homes to feel like a peaceful haven. As a result, minimalism is making a comeback in a more refined and cozy manner without losing the simplicity and flexibility of unique designs.

The Necessity of Sustainability

In the interior space, sustainability is a subject that is constantly evolving; this would be seen to continue in 2023. To ensure it is taken into account and integrated into the project lifecycle from the very beginning, a wide variety of possible outputs are expected to be explored. Waste is envisaged to be minimized due to the thoughtful and intentional use of resourceful material selections. As a result, the frequency of sustainability projects would increase to the point where they would no longer be only regarded as an idealized concept but instead prove as a necessity.

A Stronger Sense of Social Connection

As a natural outcome of the pandemic, we've all grown more or less secluded. As a result, the following year will see an increased proclivity to truly connect and interact with household members and our immediate surroundings. Congregating furnishings will be viewed as a classical approach. Open floor plans would stimulate flow, continuity in the exchange of ideas, and collective mobility. The attempts to maintain sit-out spaces simple yet varied will be seen given greater emphasis with soft, comfortable, and gently lively, relaxing colour palettes.

A Dressed Up Decor

A fresh take on limitless imagination would be revealed through a few overflowing fabrics, emotive objects, themed sculptures, and furniture to create an appearance that provides a whole new meaning to the term "room décor."

5. The Glamour Light Splash

Glamour lights would be viewed as a distinguished interior trend that allows personalization in any way desired based on a variety of eras and strategies. By the usage of vivid metallics with compact accessories, this eclectic style would offer to create a setting entirely personal to oneself. The language of glamour and opulence in lighting design would be seen more explicitly through metallic accents using artisanal copper, pristine brass, opulent golden, and polished pewter. So, get set for a year of enhanced gorgeousness in lighting to glitz your home.


In conclusion, it's reassuring to realize that the year 2023 will evidently bring equilibrium to design trends, either as part of the ornate decor or simplistic crisp aesthetics.


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