Bluewaters 8, Dubai By SDA Design

  • Project name: Bluewaters 8 
  • Project by: SDA Design
  • Principal architect:Mohammed Duberia
  • Area: 900 sqf
  • Location:Dubai
Bluewaters 8 is situated in one of Dubai’s most astounding and prominent blue water islands.The residence is a brilliant union of comfort and luxury.The subtle colour palette and sublime wooden work givesthis house a neutral yet sprightlyambience.
The clientwas persistent on keeping the spacepleasant and homely.  For the décor, they incorporated luxurious elements such as furniture that showcases stone finish. The place is highlighted with right amount of planters to add vigour. As there is an abundance of natural light in the house, the colour palette was picked very carefully.Grey was used predominantly for the walls.. A merger of white paint and glass was used for the open kitchen. Exquisite and fine-drawn wooden work dons the floor. Carpets and lively rugs are used to add vibrancy. The contrast between simple colours and dramatic element is well balanced.
As soon as one enters the house there is a spacious storage space on the right, to the left there is the open kitchen followed by the living area. On the right side there is the guest room and then the master bedroom. All the three living spaces such as living room, guest room and master bedroom have the direct view of AIN Dubai; one can visually see the rotating eye and enjoy the stunning view. 
This project was accomplished within 35 days.The criteria of straight-line design and elements were highlighted in a particular way as the goal was to keep it simple and comfortable. 
This house has magnified the importance of creating a cosier and home-like space for guests and visitors. This simple idea was executed perfectly within the parameters of budget and time. This residence is an ideal place for a comfortable and luxurious stay along with the sheer beauty of blue water islands. 

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