Sage Living unveils its furniture label 'Wa Bespoke' with The Enso Collection

A distinct edit of captivating furniture where Japanese zen aesthetics embrace creative minimalism .

Sage Living unveils an innovative edit under its label Wa Bespoke showcasing five distinct furniture accents which draw inspiration from the Zen principle of Japanese aesthetics Enso- a circle drawn with a single stroke in a meditative state. Flowy and soft, harmonious and unpretentious, a balance in asymmetry and irregularity, this alluring collection evokes a lasting sense of wonder. Designer Duo & Co- Founders, Keerthi Tummala & Ram Kabadi at the helm of Wa Bespoke, create elegance, drawing from the central tenets of the wabi-sabi principles: fukinsei (asymmetry, irregularity), kanso (simplicity), shizen (natural), yugen (subtly profound grace). Appreciating the dynamics of beauty in its natural imperfections they have used natural materials like Travertine, Pyrite, marble, wood, and granite in their real and raw form.

One look at the collection and you are immersed in serenity and tranquillity that resonates in each piece. A captivating reflection of fluid designs, simplicity, functionality and closeness to nature through the use of natural materials. The dynamic beauty of The Tama sofa attracts and engages with its soft contours, marble ball feet and Boucle upholstery that exudes cosy warmth. A contemporary silhouette, The Kyoto chair personifies the yugen aspect, meaning subtle profound grace, where its poetic curves immerse you into its circle of enlightenment.

Magnificent in its wabi-sabi persona, The Nara dining table beams unconventional elegance with its asymmetrically shaped travertine top, where whimsical veins of the stone dance around creating exquisitely subtle patterns. Supported with inimitable striped legs made from travertine and granite, the table radiates a spectacular countenance.

Sauvé artistic aesthetics define The Otsu sideboard that demands attention, as do its unique solid granite rounded cone legs. The unorthodox organic perimeter of The Yoruba Coffee table, where perforated pyrite saddles an intriguing travertine top, is a celebration of imperfections. The fluid and asymmetry in this edit recall the one-stroke sketch and the Enso sense of meditative awareness.    

“This collection is about capturing the quintessence of Zen aesthetics, melding them with original design language, high-quality materials and handcrafting skills. The products in this collection give an earthy feel thereby creating a feeling of oneness with oneself and nature”, profess the Founders, Keerthi Tummala & Ram Kabadi.

Wa Bespoke - Founders

'Wa Bespoke' marks the convergent articulation of Keerthi Tummala, the driving force behind Sage Living and Ram Kabadi, the spearhead of Jaccana in this creative alliance. Ram Kabadi’s expertise in surfaces and craft, and working with various mediums such as stone, metal, wood, fabrics, resin, ceramics, and micro-mosaics collates with Keerthi’s passion for design innovation, technology, precision and artisanal craftsmanship in this marque. A quest of two different minds to incept a brand that understands the buyer’s vision, the artisan’s intricacies and the designer’s ideologies to weave together a superlative bespoke experience. 

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