How Architects’ can design homes to prevent break-ins?

Architects’ best move to pull all the stop on break-ins

Nishakanth Semitha, Director of TENTUFF™, shares his views in his recent article feature on "How Architects can design homes to prevent break-ins?"

Home- your “own'' tiny world in the mammoth living space, gives a sense of belongingness, happiness and peace. The pandemic kicking in and rise of remote or hybrid cultures have forced people to spend quality time at home, nudging them to restructure their home spaces that reflect their individuality and a conducive environment. However, with home thefts rising at an alarming rate in India, customers have broadened their ask to spruce up their home security.  

The challenge for the architects or designers remains the same due to the reactive nature towards home security measures. Alarms, cameras, or safes can be installed and will serve the purpose of safety and monitoring your home and valuables. But the large puzzle to be solved is how to avoid a break-in or a forced entry. Impediments such as not-so-serious attitude, cost of security measures, and lack of awareness of other home security solutions have made it harder for the architects to implant any.

A break from the break-ins 

Apart from the basic home security measures, architects and designers are contemplating different means to overcome the challenge of securing the home from a break-in. In the past, no due consideration was given to building a home from a safety angle. Now the fast-adopting culture of apartments increased height of the building, and exposure to escalating crime, security and safety have become indispensable parts of the design structure. Architects focus more on robust methods rather than the banal methods of securing the home. Their approach is more focused to make access to entry points for opportunistic robbers difficult. The use of security doors, or switching from a luxury door to a security door has been a pertinent choice among interior designers and architects. However, the concept of home security requires a lot of convincing and therefore is a challenge to the architects. 

Certainly, front doors are a striking feature of a home, and no one wants to compromise its aesthetics. Consumers are hesitant to change the front door look but aren’t left with any choice apart from fortifying it. To combat the growing burglary scene, architects and interior designers have moved to security screens and security doors to prevent burglary to a great extent. Moreover, in recent times, the focus to secure other doors such as the back door or the garage door has gained importance. It is easier to install a home security system in a newly constructed house but might be a problem for the designers to adopt one in an existing door. Very few options are available like security screens, or security films (for glass doors) to secure existing doors.

Secure your windows 

Affordable housing concept has pushed the structure of buildings in the apartment sector up to smaller houses. Architects have to adjust the space in these affordable housing. The limitation of space and basic necessary furniture fills the entire home leaving minimal space for natural light to flow in, thus, forcing the architects to switch to single or double-hung windows, bay windows, or even picture windows. Various studies have suggested the effect of natural light has a direct influence on the overall health of the habitants. Architects and interior designers pay close attention to how design has the ability to create energy in the eternal spaces of people’s abodes.    

Conscious switch from the regular windows to other options on account of lack of space or beautifying the space has cut down the safety of the regular windows. However, certain products offer solutions in the form of security screens and windows security films and are excellent support for the architect or the interior designer. The security screens and windows security films come with an unsaid benefit of safety but also elegance and visual appeal without disturbing the architect's vision of the space. 

Safety can no longer be overlooked 

Lighting, furniture, decor, and now safety have become indispensable parts of a home. Home is a synergy of feeling safe and protected, and therefore, exterior support in form of security solutions is needed.  Architects and designers have adopted home security measures to keep pace with ever-increasing burglaries and thefts. The popularity of home cameras and lack of awareness about home security measures has forced architects to focus only on the popular ones. But, with the increasing break-in attempts, the adoption of security screens or security films will gain importance in the near future. 

Rising events of burglaries have resurrected the romance of home safety measures in the houses and pushed architects and interior designers to strategize solutions to prevent such crimes. Smart homes, home security solutions, security screen systems, safes, and rudimentary tricks of locking the entry points save the day for you.

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