Bring Art and Glamour to your Bathrooms with SICIS

Luxury and art are synonymous with SICIS when it comes to their mosaic collections, their most prestigious offering to the design world. What was once a simple material, mosaic today has a contemporary dimension. It is a communication tool that expresses trends and lifestyles.

Luxury bathrooms and SICIS mosaics go a long way… they are essential to bringing character and glamour to this humble space. The handcrafted goodness of mosaics and the continuous research, SICIS undertakes to enable the brand to come up with new designs repeatedly.

With the high mineral content of their glass mosaic tiles, the brand features an endless range of colours, that allows them to create mosaics with even the slightest variation in nuance. A way to express style and personality, the brand offers an incredible variety of different finishes to deliver a plethora of choices expanding to artistic and pixel decoration. From the most luxurious spas and wellness areas to the pools of private residences, even the smallest ones, it allows you to create anything you can think of with stunning aesthetics and incomparable quality.

Making artistic mosaics, designs of unparalleled beauty, SICIS produces and divulges in the preciousness of the mosaic as an expression of art that becomes an element of contemporary design in the decoration of environments.

The brand is projected towards an evolving world, where every surface is the protagonist of a space and each element affects its beauty. The expert hands of the craft masters create mosaics following traditional techniques, by cutting the tiles one by one and creating pieces of indescribable beauty.

Every single piece of glass mosaic from the brand would create a living work of art. The different colours and overlapping shapes create depths that intrigue the senses, making walls that add beauty to your spaces, and life.

About Tessera India

Born out of a passion for art, design and architecture, Tessera India is a collaborative effort of Kekin Shah, Falgun and Dhara Shroff. It combines the experience of more than two decades in the Indian design industry and the expertise of one of the countrys most sought-after architects. Tesseras purpose is to curate experiences by introducing unique luxury design brands in India to weave home collections that are personal, exclusive and tailor-made.

About Sicis

SICIS began its journey in 1987 in Ravenna, Italy, under the direction of Maurizio Leo Placuzzi. Since then, it has revolutionized the industry of mosaic through superior craftsmanship, design and technology. Through the age-old technique, each tessera is hand-cut and made in Italy, by some of the most talented artisans.

Italy being a hub for traditional mosaics draws inspiration from design, fashion and art movements across the world. SICIS personifies this Italian eye for beauty, penchant for luxury and sense of pride in its rich heritage. Diverse materials like stone, marble, Murano glass, vitrified tile, wood, platinum, and gold, come to life through a language that is unique and timeless.

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