NRI Flat for An NRI in Lodha World Complex by Milind Pai

  • Project Type:Residential
  • Project Name: NRI  Flat for An NRI in Lodha World Complex
  • Principal Architectural & Designer:Milind Pai
  • Location :Worli, Mumbai
  • Client:NRI
  • Automation:Zemote
  • Interior Designers:Same
  • Contractors:MPA inhouse Team
  • Design Team:MPA inhouse Team
  • Interior Styling:Devika Nair
  • Carpentry:MPA inhouse Team
  • Year Built:2023
  • Carpet Area:1500 sq ft
  • Total Cost:2 cr
  • Photography:Kush Mujmudar
Although technology for radical changes and this includes the use of innovative materials, processes, tools and techniques. What has remained unchanged are some of its essential principles such as creative harmony, scale and proportion of elements. The Sample Flat project is one such assignment that embodies this principle!
Located in an upmarket Worli area, the residential apartment is situated on the 30th floor and spread over 1560 sq. ft. sporting  a circular balcony attached to the living room. The entire apartment is laid out with Italian marble, exotic tiles in restrooms / toilets and elegant fixtures.
The rounded contour of the circular balcony was a challenge which our designers negotiated with finesse. Two couches of varying lengths and done up in beige, are set up around the curved side while the window behind boasts the ‘floor to ceiling’ curtains. The extreme end of the living room is set up with a 6-chair, circular dining table designed in the same colour and sporting silver/grey accents. The couches are imported with its bearing enhanced through contrasting cushions. 
Some of the other highlights of the living room are the minimalist TV unit just above the sleek counter done in metallic PU finish. Interestingly, we have set up the television set against a specially sourced exotic brown marble with white veins and bronze tinted mirrors along the sides. To create that sense of warmth and homely ambience we have designed a recessed, minimalist display unit with concealed lights while the ceiling is creatively crafted with metal accents and gypsum material.

This project involves exploiting ready-to-use designer units. The kitchen too has been built around this principle. The semi-modular design is sourced from VENOR kitchen studio, including gadgets and appliances. The highlight of this section is the Island breakfast counter with central cooking range. While the storage shutters are done in PU finish, the counter tops and back walls are dressed up in quartz stone. Additionally, our designers have used just a single colour to give this space volume and distinctiveness.
At Milind Pai Architects, we combine experience, latest trends and customer needs to design habitats that resonate with distinct character. Every project reflects our innate creativity and customer's personality. The daughter’s bedroom in Prashant Kirtane project is our effort to merge all the above into a pleasing, feminine space. The room is predominantly done in peach, white and grey while the furnishings are dressed in complementing fabric and suitably highlighted with metal accents and done up in PU.  The bed back is literally a source of inspiration with its stunning wallpaper and fluted covering. Full height wardrobes with designer handles, backdrop with cove light, lavish use of glass and ceiling done in gypsum with metal railings are some of the other distinct features of this room. 
The attached restroom is done in subtle satin finish that complements the overall ambience beautifully while the floor is done in rich stucco finish. This section also boasts black sanitary and chrome fittings. On the other hand the backsplash is done up in artistic mosaic style.
The theme of this Sample flat project flows seamlessly into every section of the house through complementing colours, matching metal detailing and PU finish. Some of the other features that resonate around the apartment include outsourced furnishings, fittings and artefacts. The son's bedroom too sports such elements which includes bed and side table. The bed back reflects vibrant yellow shade and wooden fluted elements along the edges. Handle less wardrobe shutters, recessed display area, and wooden flooring are some of the other essential features of this room. The motto of Milind Pai Architects has been "Uncompromising desire to challenge mediocrity", and therefore, in every project, every section our designers exploit radical concepts. In this room we have made use of distinct wall art, splashes of vibrancy and aesthetical balance.
Yet again, we have adopted a design strategy which makes the master bedroom stand out from the other areas. This one boasts a walk in wardrobe with clear glass doors for that sense of unusual depth. This wall also doubles up as a TV hook. Simplicity can sometimes be complex. This room is a perfect example. Even though the wardrobe is designed with subtlety, it stands out because of its tall designer handles, beige and white colour combination and wooden flooring. The master bedroom has designer bed with extended backrest, designer painter glass panels with metal framing along the back wall and artistically embellished with matching artefacts. Fluted sections, metal accents and a strategically set up study table are some of the other alluring design exploitations.
The restroom is a combination of traditional finishes and contemporary materials. Ceiling is designed in WPC to accommodate trap doors while designer fittings, such as faucet, shower and bathtub are luxury personified. The ambience reflects subtle tones— marble beige floor with darker tiles for the wall. Self-illuminated mirror and startling backsplash are some of its other alluring features


 Milind Pai Architects design spaces that look aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, functional and offer a sense of pride & belonging.

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