Dev Bhoomi Residence by Ace Associates

  • Project Name:  Dev Bhoomi Residence
  • Office Name:  Ace Associates 
  • Firm Location: Anand, Gujarat, India
  • Program: Private Residence
  • Completion Year: 2021
  • Gross Plot Area (m2/ ft2): 7261 SFT.
  • Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 6059 SFT.
  • Project location: Himatnagar, Gujarat, India
  • Lead Architects: Ashish Patel, Nikhil Patel, Nilesh Dalsania, Vasudev Sheta
  • Social Media Accounts: › ace_associates
  • Office Website: 
  • Photo Credits: INCLINED STUDIO
  • Photographer’s Website:
The proposed residence is for a client who is a doctor by profession and his wife as a homemaker along with a son and a daughter visiting over on weekends and off days. The house is built on a plot area of 7261sq.ft. With the idea of creating a family living domain while respecting the individual domain. The project is built at 6M. set back of the plot in the southeast direction creating a linear garden with dense vegetation as well as inculcating it on different levels of the house. The elevation is rhythmic with all facades treated differently yet in harmony. The external material palette consists of natural brick and exposed concrete as the primary finish with minimal use of metal shading and glazing for functional areas.
The brief by the client was to design a house that is internally open, letting nature interact with different typologies of spaces and giving landscape major priority. The staircase in the house was specifically asked to be designed distinctive and decorous. The house is spatially organized on three stories with five bedrooms, family living, a dining area, a private gym, a swimming pool and an exterior veranda at all levels opening frontwards, the overall color palette of the house gives a sentiment of tranquility. The vegetation on the peripheral frontage invites the user into the plot, revealing the house to its fullest beauty. The house has a central entrance to the plot in the east direction with a setback of 0.8M. from the main road opening into a 2M. wide passage with an aisle of small Buddha sculptures guiding the user to the shaded porch.
The house is oriented with maximum large openings on the front facade consisting of common amenities and keeping private spaces in the rear. The east-facing covered entrance porch has a seating facing toward a linear water feature with a backdrop of plantation and garden accompanied by two adjacent cars parking on the right side of the porch. The entrance is accentuated by the presence of a double-height space with a specially carved wooden finish staircase on right with a contemporary statue at the center of the staircase well. The staircase lounge visually connects the user to the outside while the space allows for a pause point at the entrance into the house. The linear central 2M. wide passage links all the spaces visually. 
The living room has a classic setting embracing nature overlooking the garden, bringing in natural light through huge glass openings. The kitchen and dining are designed in a linear space connecting to the utility at back and an attached store for the kitchen. The arrangement of living, dining and kitchen is critically designed to achieve an optical triangle in-between. Moreover, the dining is placed facing the shaded outdoor sitting with a swing and glass glazed opening generating impartiality with the exterior surrounding. The central passage opens into an opulent master bedroom with an umber interior color palette, attached dressing and a washroom overlooking south most garden while maintaining privacy from other family areas. The guest bedroom, general washroom, and Servant quarters are located in the northwest direction of the plot. Servant quarters are only accessible from outside creating two entries,  one from utility and the other one from parking.
With outdoor seating in a balcony on the east, overlooking downwards into the garden. Furthermore, the daughter's bedroom is designed to give an elegant look with a subtle color palette from a peach-colored family, with a single-person swing overlooking the window. The dressing room and washroom entrance through a glass partition segregating wet, dry and semi-dry, and mirror on the opposite facade giving the feel of grandness. The passage at the end opens into the son's bedroom. The serene subtle color palette on the interior gives tenderness of calmness, while the furniture elevates the relaxing experience. The strategic placement of windows visually connects the garden on the east yet controls the harsh sunlight entering the bedroom, bringing in the natural light throughout the daytime. The walk-in dressing and washroom entry through a glass partition with a linear wardrobe and different wet and semi-dry spaces as well as aesthetically majestic. The covered balcony on the east has seating with planters beautifying the space.
The third floor consists of a staircase lounge opening into three spaces, a terrace on the north, a semi-covered seating at frontage in the south direction with dense vegetation and a summer room. Furthermore, the outdoor seating leads to a deck with a shallow jacuzzi and artificial grass as flooring, the thick and tall plantation is placed in front of the jacuzzi to block the view from the road that is on the east side. The third space from the staircase lounge leads to this specially designed room known as the summer room. 
The room is specially designed to act as a wind catcher with a full-size opening on the west and east where it further indulges into a gym room opening right in front of the jacuzzi area and a summer room sliding door opening in front of outdoor seating. 
The spiral staircase leading to the first floor opens into a 2M. wide passage replicating the same as the ground floor connecting spaces on the floor plate


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