Reuse- Recycle – REPETE  “Repete – Microbrewery, Bar and Kitchen”

Repete is a micro-brewery located in Jubilee Hills, Road no. 36 that offers seating indoors and outdoors on different levels. It has some of the coolest interiors any brewery in town can boast of. From unfinished brick walls to concrete flooring and steel beer containers as design elements. The bar counters on both levels are cozy spots, as are the corner booths on the first level, which are ideal if you want to be undisturbed. The design language is industrial and rustic that lasts the test of time.

Repete micro brewery is located at road no 36, jubilee hills, known for its dynamic and industrial interiors drawing most of the city crowd. The space offers a variety of options for the users, ranging from cozy interior booths to outdoor and rooftop seating. The whole of it however is bound together to communicate rustic interiors coalesced with a flavour of industrial aesthetics. By conforming to keeping the materials such as exposed brick walls, concrete, wood and metal in their truest forms and by accentuating their simplicity, the place exudes a modest yet stylish aura. Interesting play of levels and treatment of different spatial elements with recesses and reliefs is what makes the space alluring.

The  spaces are zoned in a functional manner both vertically and horizontally, facilitating an efficient physical and visual connectivity. The circular seating highlighting the central area housing the huge brewery  containers stands as the focal element, bringing in fluidity visually and in circulation. The concept of “reduce-recycle –reuse” has been implemented. The design is kept simple and unpolished with minimal finishes , the metal shelves, light fixtures and the circular counter are use recycled glass bottles. The brewery area along with the beer barrels and bottles enhancing the walls and furniture  emphasize the context of the place and establish a relation with the same.

Furniture and lighting plays an important role in  creating a soothing, relaxing and a homely atmosphere in the space while simultaneously  keeping it classy and elegant. A quirky combination of industrial light fixtures and contemporary interpretations of Victorian chandeliers are ingeniously curated and selected. The wooden furniture and tan leather sofas against the back drop of the brick walls radiate the warmth that the space demands..

The artefacts picked up from Bangkok and the art work adorning the metal shelves and the walls complement the vibe of the space are a visual treat to the customers who visit. As a whole, with minimalistic materials, and plush interiors, it surely is a refreshing take on designing a brewery.


Plot No. 1254/A, Rd Number 63, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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