Häfele India introduces a range of products to mitigate the spread of viruses


To curb the spread of Covid 19 and any other such viruses and bacteria, Häfele India introduced a new range of products that can be operated with minimal physical contact. 

With the concept of hygiene and precaution now taking a new definition, functionality offered by a product has never been more critical. Hands-free, contact-less movement, from one place to another – across hotels or building lobbies, entrances of offices, showrooms, malls, or shops etc., is now being sought after not just as a temporary fix but as a permanent solution.

Häfele introduces –

Foot Panel Plate which provides the users with a germ-free, touch-less way of entering/ exiting a premise. Mounted towards the bottom of the door, this foot plate offers an option to the users of pulling the door open with their foot instead of a door handle. The new foot plate made of stainless-steel Grade 304 can be used on doors that are frequently operated due to heavy traffic.

Sensor Basin Faucet and Soap Dispenser as the latest additions to its comprehensive range of bathroom solutions. When installed together, these products seamlessly provide an extra layer of protection as they can be activated with sensors without any physical touch. Both the products work on batteries preventing the extra hassle of wiring during the set up.

Floor-Standing Dispenser, a sensor-operated hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes dispenser, allows preventative hygiene and protection against cross-contamination, harmful and infectious viruses on surfaces. The liquid disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes placed in the dispenser are of the highest quality, procured from WHO GMP approved sources that have been selected after rigorous quality checks and audits.

 Häfele India

Häfele India is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Häfele Global network and has been operating in India since 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Jürgen Wolf (Managing Director). The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories. The company also has a strong presence in synergized product categories namely Appliances, Lights, Sanitary and Surfaces catering to the focused demand from these industries. Häfele India services its customers with a base of over 1300 employees, a well-networked Franchise base of over 150 shops along with over 3000 dealers situated across South Asia. The subsidiary has a sophisticated Logistics centre in Mumbai along with distribution centres in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Colombo respectively.

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