Olive Ambiance


A ravishing design with a confluence of contrasting ideas.                                                             The idea was to create an attractive, challenging, stand-alone iconic structure that could create its own local reference wherein the external elements not only attune to the aesthetics of the facade but also participates in the design of the internal environment .

The design concept was created based on the theme:  “Simplicity” versus “Complexity”. The “design integrator” with 3 circles derived from the requirement connected them. The theme is expressed through forms, transparencies, colors, materials and design details .

Olive Ambiance Store is located on the East Coast Road which is one of the prominent highways that connects to city of Chennai, India. The requirement was to create a commercial space containing three shop areas.The envisaged design had to be attractive and perform functionally being a commercial space, while considering the western side the building faced. The physical nature of the site was linear and the commercial attribute forced to reflect the same geometry to attain maximum area.

The external outlook being the most essential design factor, a contemporary design form was proposed while inheriting elements from local context. The proposed form development contained linear asymmetrical form which was divided into 3 segments reflecting the theme. The larger part adopted the concept of simplicity while the other part assimilated complexity which incorporated one single shop. The third vertical conjunction encapsulates the entry.

The building comprises of multiple materials with varied colors which ameliorates the aesthetical feature. The contrast in color scheme was attained through the combination of neutral and vibrant colors. The simplicity face has the afternoon scenery of the sea with blue and neutral colors. Contrary to that, the complexity face has the vibrant evening scene of the shore. Brown represented the sand, topped by the main colors; Yellow, Blue and Violet which symbolized the Sun, Sea and the evening wash of the sky. The effect of these can be realized as one views the building beyond the evening twilight.

Theconcrete wraps with curved edges were metaphorical to the Architect’s thought of coastal wind fine tuning the ensued form.This shape increases the visual dynamics of the design. The color scheme apart from the shape also reflects the idea of lightness. The simplicity quarter with a white base was deliberately wrapped in brown whereas complexity side was made to feel lighter through the white wrap. To accentuate further, the complexity side was also lifted above which compensates the intensity of colors.

All these design parameters were created considering the building façade which faced the western side. The transparent part of the building is protected by the opaque overhang which partially saves it from most of the western sunlight. The translucent part is multi-layered, and consists of a combination of horizontal and vertical shading devices apart from the protective glass which is affixed on to the building.

To crown the overall building, a small “Entry Monument” was created in thefront part of the building. Apart from adding character to the whole design it promulgates the idea and the nature of the building for a viewer. It also neutralizes the level differences created within and outside the building fusing it with the central vertical element which accommodates the stairs, lift and the lobby.


16/37 Ground Floor,5th Main Road, Kasthuribai Nagar,Adyar, Chennai-600020.


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