Luxo Heritage Homes by Ar.Rita Modi



Luxo Heritage homes is a first of its kind initiative in Goa started with a purpose to preserve the rich culture of the real Goa!

A Luxo home is more than just four walls and a ceiling. A Luxo home comes with a legacy, a story of the years gone by. We at Luxo are custodians of a legacy that has stood the test of time. We nurture a neglected treasure by employing world class restoration techniques, carefully returning it to its former glory. We then enjoin the piece with a kindred spirit. When you buy a Luxo home, you’re creating a legacy.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, price plays a secondary role to us. We offer a Luxo home only to those who prove to be suitable guardians of a Goan legacy. A Luxo home is for those who cherish the rich history of Goa and wish to become a part of its story, for eternity.

Our aim is to preserve a piece of history and in turn preserve this paradise that is Goa. In an age where convenience takes precedence over perfection, a legacy of heritage is a luxury. Our aim is to create a heritage home, packed with modern day conveniences. We believe that, legacies are meant to endure. We at Luxo want to be agents of change to preserve Goan History.

LUXO ALDONA is a hidden treasure nestled in the pristine village of Aldona. It was built more than a century ago by a Goan lady Mrs. Bocaro. It is located amongst lush greenery, surrounded by some lovely Goan families. This Luxo home holds the stories of the era gone by.

The home in its original form was old and fragile, but had a great deal of character. We could literally visualise the masterpiece that this house could be converted into. The journey of restoring this piece of art started on 15th December 2015 and it took us close to 18 months to complete this marvellous piece of art. The home in its original form was a single story structure, however during the restoration we added to the existing structure by making it a Ground plus One Villa.

Spread over 16000 sq ft, the home comes surrounded by lush greenery. While the existing structure was about 4000 sq ft, we have extended the area to about 5000 sq ft. While preserving the heritage property; there have been no compromises on the contemporary luxuries. A slice of the golden days, with a touch of modern-day amenities.

In the modern age of technology, this heritage home will take you back to the days when the family came together. While the spacious living room is a space to revisit old memories and create new ones, the dining room will house the entire family for a sit-down meal cooked in the beautiful kitchen. The two family rooms are a heaven for games, indoor sports and more. With three bed rooms with attached toilets provides complete comfort and privacy. The villa comes equipped with a natural well and staff quarters.

Arch. Rita Mody Joshi,

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