BC Webwise (Office Design)

“I dream my painting and then i paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh.

A creative work space has to be a trigger, impulsive, inspiring and relevant at the same time. While designing this 6000sq.ft. office space in the heart of Mumbai we had to create a reflection of their indulgences with one hitch it had to all be done keeping the existing office furniture from the previous owner . The client has a creative workforce and wanted an immediate representation of the same all around.  Working on an existing office having retained the fixed elements like the modular furniture, cabins, conference room the challenge was to create an impactful.

Reflection of free flowing thoughts Imaginative, creative  

The overall space that is divided into 2 parts wing A and wing B. The reception is in wing A with the business development team sitting here. The design team sitting in wing B at the back. The two parts are divided by a wall and has punctures at intervals. This original separation also helped us break the space into a formal and/or casual or laid back spaces in the two wings based on the profile they handled. 

The dead office space (original) had to be recreated to make way for provoking atmosphere, an environment that makes the user more receptive, tapping sensory reflexes. As a place filled with creative individuals, this place/office is an abode working round the clock. Adding such functionality to the existing office wherein the office forms an extension of those individual living. 

  1.  Name of the Project:  BC Webwise
  2.  Client Name: BC Webwise
  3.   Project Location  : Mahim, Mumbai, Maharahstra, India
  4.   Project Completion Year:  2017
  5.   Plot Area (In sq. meter ):  6000 Sq.ft.
  6.   Project Type: commercial
  7.  Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat
  8. Team Aum : Manish Dikshit , Sonali Pandit, Rohit Narkar

While doing so, lighting played a crucial role. The existing lighting system was very perfunctory. We changed the light fittings to LED’s and also used two variations in the colour of the light; one more functional daylight the other more ambient yellow. The general lighting was changed from white to daylight. Sharp focus lights help creating drama, these focus lights were very few in the existing layout. We added more such focus lights to create some crucial focal points. These sharp lights are yellow to add that warmth. We purchased 25 beautiful ethnic hanging lights that helped adding that punch of colour to the ceiling which was otherwise very dry and desolate overall office space. This also helped creating mood lighting that can vary as per the duration of the time. The lighting itself elevated the space and made it much animated from before.

As it was an existing office well equipped to function but with the current owners it had to transit to perform more than ‘an office’. It had to touch aesthetics and the same spirit had to flow through the office.

The second aspect we thought was the bulky columns in the midst of the open workstation spaces. They stood there tall and their bulky built could not be ignored.  They were tamed down by wrapping custom made wallpaper designed by the clients in-house design team. Taking the ethnicity from the lights, these beautiful one of a kind designs wrapped were around the bulky sides and toned down from the being the eye sore they were.

The flooring in B wing was another challenge as different colour tiles were used.  We proposed to have laminated wooden flooring here to bring much needed warmth; as it helped us achieve our aesthetics at the same time also was less time consuming. Three different shades of laminated wooden flooring were used to create this floor covering. This helped further in giving the open area a warm and cosy character; also the creative team resides in this place in the B wing.

In one remote corner was an open cubicle with an odd curved partition that was out of place. We broke that down to form a Iranian coffee corner to form like a breakout space for internal meeting and discussions.  It also acts like a library space with two turquoise book units. The Irani cafe corner is complete with traditional black chairs and table. Trying to get in some old school technique mesh weaving was used in the custom mode furniture. This can be seen across the office. The reception waiting area seat and the conference table was retained. Eight unique chairs were bought in with the mesh weaving on the back.

The reception has a unique mix of customised furniture. A bamboo partition has been made so that it partially blocks the entry. The company’s creative artwork that was done for their clientele is hanging on this bamboo partition. A very crude and rustic bench made out of a log wood sits below this bamboo partition.

Another bench is placed towards the reception with cane woven mesh seat and a fixed back rest finished in the same fabrics as the soft boards. The soft boards were reupholstered to a poppy yellow colour which is the colour of the company logo. The unique hanging lights sprinkled across the office also help define specific pockets.

The reception ceiling is made of 18 colour glass hanging lights against the background of a subtle grey ceiling. This ceiling was broken down to achieve the height and give the reception more volume.

The company goes by a theory called ‘FISH SENSE’ which they say enable them to be streamlined with all the collective experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals for being a success with their clients. In essence this spirit has been arrived on while designing the office space. Thus helping us create an environment that internalizes with the beings and in return helping it be more relevant and at the same time resilient.

The founder and MD’s cabin is refreshing and was completely revamped. A source of inspiration that she is for her team. He is a direct reflection of her. A customised desk finished with a bottle green table top across various elements with hints of brass edge details sovereignty. A custom printed wallpaper keeping in touch with the ethnic theme.

A beautiful antique glass chandelier was picked for her office that forms the local point in the cabin. The desk sits at the centre with a bottle green leather upholstered chair that goes well with the vibrant colours of the background. Keeping it minimal and yet functional. Two unique glass and brass wall bracket lights were picked that gives an added dimension to the wallpaper thus making it look like an artwork by itself. The other side of the office is the reflection of her spiritual side. With antique frames of Gods and Goddesses hang across the table making them very aesthetic and beautiful. The door to her cabin has been changed to a copper laminate that stands out yet merges with the office.


       Flooring: Laminated wooden flooring

       Wall Cladding: customised wallpaper

       Interior Finishes: Lustre paint, Wallpaper,

       Lighting Fixtures: Teknolite for general lighting, Decorative lights sourced from various vendors

       Furniture/decor: ready furniture from various vendors and some furniture customised on site

       Soft Furnishings: Workplace India

       Curtains / blinds : Ven Ver Systems

       Hardware: Unique Enterprise

       Wallpapers : Maimoon decor 


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