Conversation with Ajay Khurana, MD, Formica India

1. How does FENIX Bloom represent a significant step forward in interior design materials, and what sets it apart from traditional laminates?

FENIX Bloom stands out as a groundbreaking innovation in interior design materials, particularly laminates, for several reasons. Firstly, it introduces Bloom technology, a sustainable resin developed by Arpa Industriale, the manufacturing force behind FORMICA. This technology is a testament to Arpa's commitment to innovation and sustainability, reducing the phenol content in resins by 50%. The key differentiator lies in the use of lignin, a natural polymer abundant in wood and a renewable raw material, repurposed into thermosetting resins. This not only marks a significant step forward in sustainability but also positions FENIX Bloom as a game-changer in responsible interior design.

2. Can you elaborate on the journey of developing Bloom technology, particularly the use of lignin as a sustainable resin? How has this initiative evolved since its inception?

Arpa Industriale embarked on the development of Bloom technology in 2012 with a dedicated commitment to innovation and sustainability. The journey involved a collaboration with universities and research institutes to harness lignin, the natural "glue" in wood, for creating a sustainable resin. This initiative has evolved into a pioneering approach that repurposes lignin, typically a by-product of the pulp-making process and used for energy generation, into thermosetting resins. This evolution represents a significant leap toward a sustainable future and aligns with Arpa Industriale's dedication to responsible forest management.

3. Can you elaborate on the specific features of FENIX Bloom that validate its innovation and sustainability? How do these features contribute to the product's overall appeal and functionality?

FENIX Bloom's innovation and sustainability are underscored by its unique features. The Bloom technology reduces the phenol content in resins by 50%, aligning with responsible forest management. The use of lignin, sourced primarily from sustainable resources, positions the product as a sustainable choice. Moreover, FENIX Bloom's high-pressure laminate, available in 36 plain colors and three different finishes, retains the hallmarks of Italian craftsmanship, offering style, ease of use, and strength. Its resistance to scratches, impact, abrasion, and heat makes it ideal for a broad spectrum of horizontal and vertical interior design applications, contributing to both its appeal and functionality.

4. How does FENIX Bloom's high-pressure laminate cater to both horizontal and vertical interior design applications, and what makes it versatile for various design needs?

FENIX Bloom's high-pressure laminate is designed to cater to a wide range of interior design applications, both horizontal and vertical. The versatility of this laminate lies in its adaptability to different surfaces, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into countertops, cabinets, walls, and furniture. Its strength, resistance to scratches, impact, abrasion, and heat make it suitable for various design needs. The range includes 36 plain colors in three different finishes, providing architects and designers the flexibility to achieve their desired aesthetic across diverse applications.


5. What distinguishes FENIX NTM® Bloom from the standard FENIX NTM®? How does this innovative smart material incorporate more natural raw materials and offer enhanced features?

FENIX NTM® Bloom, an evolution of the standard FENIX NTM®, represents an innovative smart material that incorporates more natural raw materials. This version features extremely matt surfaces, low light reflectivity, a pleasant soft touch, and resistance to fingerprints. The incorporation of Bloom technology not only enhances the product's environmental performance by substituting 50% of fossil-based phenol with lignin but also introduces features like the ability to heal superficial micro-scratches through thermal processes. These distinctions contribute to FENIX NTM® Bloom's appeal for those seeking advanced materials with enhanced features.

6. In what ways does FENIX Bloom reflect current interior design trends, and how does it meet the expectations of architects and interior designers?

FENIX Bloom aligns seamlessly with current interior design trends by offering a collection of 9 plain colors in a versatile high-pressure laminate. The three different finishes – Erre, Lucida, and Kèr – cater to diverse design preferences, providing architects and interior designers with the tools to create contemporary, stylish, and functional spaces. The silky-smooth compact surfaces of Erre, the mirror finish of Lucida, and the matt texture of Kèr offer a range of tactile experiences without compromising on durability. FENIX Bloom's aesthetic versatility and sustainability align with the expectations of professionals seeking materials that are both trend-forward and environmentally responsible.

7. How does FORMICA envision FENIX Bloom impacting the market, especially for professionals seeking both environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing materials?

FORMICA envisions FENIX Bloom as a transformative force in the market, particularly for professionals who prioritize both environmental responsibility and aesthetic appeal. This innovative product is more than just a surface; it's a testament to the synergy between innovation and sustainability. With Bloom technology, FORMICA continues to lead the way in offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards. For architects, interior designers, and professionals, FENIX Bloom represents a game-changer, providing them with a range of materials that not only meet but exceed expectations – combining style, functionality, and environmental responsibility in a single, versatile package.

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