Priyanka Singh’s Chalk Studio's latest project ‘The Pantone Home’ embraces modernistic flavors with a splash of vibrant hues

A 4 Bedroom home, strategically located on Golf Course Road, at the center of the city; for an elderly couple and their son. The character of the home is a reflection of its users – an intersection of modern and creative, timeless but quirky. A “greige” undertone palette forms a base for strong pops of colour that take character in different pockets of the home. Usage of materials like subway, kitkat and terrazzo tiles lend a sturdy economical quality along with a playful aesthetic which contrasts luxe materials like champagne metal, teak wood and Michelangelo marble.

The first point of attraction for one who enters is the wrap-around shelving system, an amalgamation of earthy wooden shelves slotted into modern metal supports. Catering to both the formal and private living area, this is where the family shall display their beautiful collectibles, books, travel treasures and décor items. Mirroring the structured shelving is a dynamic artwork specially commissioned for the project by Nimrat Narang. The art piece is a dual monotonic interplay, which spreads out of the canvas to interact with the guests who visit the home. The space extends into an informal sit-out with an interesting transparent book unit below the television. Two sides of the living and dining area are cocooned by large greens in the balcony creating a warm haven for the family in the middle of the busy city.

The corridor is defined by a semi-curved ceiling and lined by long mirrors with the same geometry. This gives the passage an illusion of tasteful extension pulling the user into the private spaces of the home. The family lounge features a unique study unit. Teal coloured drawers on one end are balanced with asymmetrical shelving on the other end. A small vestibule has been carved out of the passage area to create a buffer for the two main bedrooms of the home.

The master bedroom in subtle neutral tones has a custom made king bed with a cushioned backrest that extends on the entire wall. A subtle linearity can be seen by the grooving pattern on the walls, and the geometric collection of artworks on the walls. The master wardrobe leads one into the master bathroom. Regal Michelangelo marble has been used in conjunction with kitkat tiles – which speak the same language of linearity as the bedroom. The usage of classic white marble has been juxtaposed with modern elements like track lights, black sanitary fixtures for contrast and a huge backlit ceiling to floor mirror behind the vanity.

The second bedroom features a custom-made bed inspired by Minotti, with a curved fluted backrest. The wooden fluting element is echoed in the wardrobe shutters and similarly into the “mustard” bathroom. A combination of flat and fluted grey tiles form a beautiful contrast with the warm tones of mustard that frame a circular touch mirror on the main wall of the bathroom.

Perhaps the most contemporary space of all, the third bedroom highlights blue accents against strong black and white elements. The geometric shelving beside the TV compliments the stitch pattern featured on the king-size storage bed (courtesy West Elm). A monochromatic artwork from Sarita Handa catches the user's eye with two custom-made swivel chairs.

The Prussian blue subway tiles stand out in contrast to the black and white Moroccan tile, which perfectly ties along with the color scheme in the bedroom.  

The linearity once again takes form in the guest bedroom. With an asymmetrical fluting behind the bed, there are two unique designs that primarily catch one's attention in this room. First, the L-shaped shelving caters to both functions of bedside shelf and a quaint little dresser with a minimalist mirror and pouffe on one side of the bed. Second, opposite the bed the fluting slots into the TV shelving unit nicely framing an abstract artwork in pleasant colours of green and blush. These colours are in turn echoed in the playful terrazzo tiles in the bathroom, which interplay with calming fern green tiles.

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