Koshish New beginnings By Koshish

  • Project Name: Koshish, new beginnings.
  • Office Name: KOSHISH
  • Project type:Studio/Residential
  • Lead Architects: Koshy P Koshy
  • Office Website:
  • Social Media Accounts: Instagram :
  • Firm Location: Kochi, Kerala, India
  • Completion Year: 2020
  • Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 2568 ft2
  • Project Location: Kochi, Kerala
  • Photo Credits: Justin Sebastian

A team of inquisitive minds who have come together to explore the roots of architecture intertwined with nature, motivated by the drive to challenge existing paradigms, old and new. Compelled by a process, the team aims to connect with a site to its true nature, while collaborating with individuals, to arrive at the common goal.Armed with the key principles of sustainability, and a thirst to experiment, Koshish aims to create, inspire and fulfil.

A story of 14,858 tiles.Located in the heart of Kochi, the story of Koshish begins as one traverses the narrow mud road that leads to its vibrant, red entrance.A proponent of sustainable architecture and erected over a period of less than six months, theproject repurposes old mangaloretiles, steel, and windows sourced from a dilapidated textile factory, 8 kilometres away. 
The remaining tiles were procured from four different locations, all of which now make up the pathway, walls and roof of the project. With much of Kerala discarding traditional terracotta tiles in favor of more contemporary materials, the significance of the age-old mangalore tiles has been overlooked of late. Cooler temperatures, breathability and a timeless appearance that’s easy on the eye, are just few of the many advantages that the core material of the structure possesses.The design aims to create a seamless experience of the nature and surroundings coexisting in perfect harmony with the principal structure.
An elevated structure supported on sandwiched L-section columns, extensive pivoted glazing,and terracotta-tile clad walls, blurs the line of distinction between outdoor and indoor spaces,bringing a synergy that enriches the entire space, and its inhabitants.Each floor serves its own distinct purpose, with the ground level comprising a verandah adjacent to a koi pond, washrooms and a utility space.
On ascending the stairs, one arrives at the collaborative space, finished with terrazzo flooring and encircling the triple-height atrium that binds each level together.Windows at regular intervals, a cantilevered balcony along its north face, and glazing running up-to the apex of the eastward side of the building, offers a complete view of the expanse of theremaining site, while placing great emphasis on ample ventilation and natural lighting as a whole.
The building is complete, with the second and final level, which acts as a brainstorming pod,and accommodates a clerestory window that directs the light towards the primary workspace.
Designed to create an interplay of levels at each floor, the inhabitants experience a sequence of
descending heights as they transition through each space.
A subtle play of sunlight and shadows across the space ensures that there is no moment of pause throughout the course of a day in Koshish. With great importance given towards sustainable practices and intent on providing an environment indistinguishable from the comforts of one’s own home, Koshish breathes life into its inhabitants, materials, and timeless architecture.

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