Monte South, Byculla Project by Marathon Group Designed by ZZ architects

  • Project Name: Monte South, Byculla
  • project by :Marathon Group
  • Project design by:ZZ architects
The brief was to make it simple but significant. Our vision for the home was to conceive a classy space that offers uncompromising luxury and is one of its kind.
The vast expanse of the space, the volume and gorgeous views from the site were the catch points for us. Allow a bolder, more luxurious space that suits contemporary lifestyle while maintaining a link with the original design.
 When one enters the apartment, the fresh, warm living room offers unobstructed views of the city while allowing the natural flow of light with sheer opulent interiors. Each room has its own feel and offers a contemporary premium vibe that lingers around the house. All the bedrooms have a material palette that takes its cues from the contrasting fabric around the site. A pinch of red in the master bedroom or blocks of oranges in other gives a visual statement to the space.
It was an exhilarating process as every aspect was in our imagination and had to be finally put together on arrival like pieces in a jigsaw. The judgements around tactility, material palette, space and light convey a sense of purposeful opulence that whole-heartedly echoes the living experience. The process was personal and refined at each stage from addressing the brief to deriving a design language, choices of materials and overall feel of the space.
The selection of all the furniture is very sensitive to the functions of the space. The idea was to create an intimate warm space that defines the sensory element of finishes and material. While looking closely at the spaces, the choice of finishes makes one notice the textural treatment of stones to fabrics and surfaces that not only gives a visual context but also enhances the physical experiences with surfaces at home.
. Natural light is the experiential aspect of a space and we have paid more and more attention to it. We have ensured that we optimize the luxury of panoramic views and there is enough light, that the materials push a strong design ethos.One can experience a quality living that is an oasis of calm, beauty and serenity

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