701, Juhu Abhishek by Jhaveri & Jhaveri Architects

  • Project Name: 701, Juhu Abhishek 
  • Location: Juhu Versova Link Road, Mumbai, India
  • Area: 1200 sq.ft 
  • Type: City Home   
  • Architect: Jhaveri & Jhaveri Architects 
  • Interior Execution: Palm Interiors
  • Photography: Jimit Pawaskar Photography
  • Vastu: Acharya Satya Prabhu - Eshanya Vastu  
  • Styling: Dhwani Doshi - Urban Tales

  • With a dream of having space and design collaborate to create a contemporary home, Dhwani Doshi, founder of Creative Chase, an urban graphic design company - wanted to create home for herself with a warm and welcoming vibe. The brief to her architectural & execution team (which also happens to be her extended family) was absolutely simple. Break free from the hues of brown and cream that she has been living with in her family home and bring in the grey, blue & green colour palette into her home. 
    A melange of ash greys & botanicals with bright pieces of art collected from across the country. A commissioned art work by artist Rekha Rodwittiya from the house of  Saakshi Art Gallery - Dhwani’s personal collection. Metal artifacts from Pondicherry, clay blue horse from Hyderabad’s museum shop, Samsaara’s golden tray side table, with throw cushions from Cottons & Satin and other accents from Ikea.  Statement chair & sheert curtains - fabric selected from Cottons & Satin, golden side table from Artista Homes, mono-chromatic frames - the lakes of Hampi - shot by Dhwani on of her holidays. Rug from Ddecor, metal accents from Devrai Art Village & Ikea and chest from Art Avenue Jaipur.Artwork
    by artist Vikrant Bhise from the house of Space 118 - Dhwani’s personal collection. Masai sculptureheads from Nairobi Masaai Flea Market in Kenya,accents from Ieak and botanicals from The Chlorophyll Collective Barad Farms, Palghar   

    This is her first stint of moving out from her parent's home and living by herself, so a lot of the old furniture was brought and re-furbished and re-upholstered too. Dhwani and her siblings have had way too many memories in her previous space and she wanted to bring home, a part of the old and blend it with the new.
    Besides, the highlight of the house had to be incorporating all the art work she has been collecting as a young investor. With aspirations of someday, making a contemporary museum space for the society, she has been collecting art from across India since she was 22 years old. May it be art residencies across Baroda & Mumbai, flea markets in Africa where her father's business is set up or just simple small collectibles on her travels, she has a penchant for everything art and design.The Crystal Challis by Shivangi Shah - Hive Home Lighting for the Dining Area 
    Upholster by Ddecor and One Arc, Mumbai  Upholster by Ddecor and One Arc, Mumbai. Artwork by Parshelli Patel from the house of Space 118 - Dhwani’s personal collection
    Upholster by One Arc, Mumbai. Artwork by Viraj Mithani from the house of Space 118 - Dhwani’s personal collection

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