House 48 by Inklets Studio

  • Project Name : House 48
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Designed by (Firm Name): Inklets Studio, Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Year Built : April, 2022
  • Duration of project : 3 Years
  • Plot Area : 4340 sq ft
  • Built up : 3960 sq ft
  • Principal Architect/ Designer: Hiral Shah
  • Interior / Designer: Hiral Shah
  • Team Design: Hiral Shah, Kajal Nathani, Simran Namdev, Bhakti Patel
  • Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah
The occupants of the house belong to a very family oriented community, so they had an aspiration to create a simple functional house where they could host several guest and gathering. This provision needs to fulfilled on all floor levels. The site is surrounded by many empty plots so an introvert planning was a need of the brief.
The living room comprises of in-house manufactured large sofa and two single seater sofa from Poche Living. The large sofa is done in dark colour fabric in order to humanise the scale of the space. The centre table and side table is made from the wooden wastage of the entire site. An artwork panel from mdf inspired from nature becomes backdrop element. The kitchen is situated in the south east. The dining area and a multi coloured kota stone deck is located in the south west. A 6 feet wide chajja helps to cuts the harsh sun and allow indirect light to penetrate. The parent bedroom is also a result of reclaimed wood and veneer. The large scenic wall paper and stylish sofa are the favourites of everyone.
The house is conceptualized by the fusion of Vastu and scientific principle. It has a relatively simple plan layout. This house is contemporary house with redefined traditional Indian elements like arches, cement tiles, jalis and wood. The composite marble, mdf designed ceilings and furniture as well as metal screens do give a contemporary twist. It comprises of a living space, pooja room, kitchen, dining area and a bedroom on ground floor and master bedroom, family room, children bedroom, guest bedroom on first floor. While the recreational zone with home theatre and gazebo is created on the second floor.
The home theatre on the third floor is designed with flexibility of the gathering and party that will happen with time. The huge bed unfolds to become a sofa and centre table as per the use. The gazebo and curved sitting with pastel grey and peach mosaic flooring gives a Mediterranean vibe.
The family room is the heart of the first floor. The walls are kept minimal with bright yellow cement tile from Bharat flooring. A customised window overlooks the stair from the family room. This visually connects the verticals and gives ample amount of light to the room. The veneer panelling of TV and vintage wallpaper completes the look.
The master bedroom has a huge 11 feet high bed back. Everything finished from 4 inches wooden planks brought from Alang. The four bird art panels have been made to break the monotonous look. The cane sheet on wardrobe and cabinet, wallpaper and olive colour bed back has been created to provide a calmness and add texture to the space. The children room is designed with a play of colours and shapes. Yellow and green are used with grey to highlight the design. One small skewed balcony is cantilevered on the garden space where one can come out and soak in the morning sun. The guest room is kept minimal with kota bed back and plain laminate finish wardrobe. The presence of a huge painting brings charm to the room.
The house opens up to a double height foyer space with the staircase of its side and a flower shaped stone water body from Rajasthan in centre. Grey cement tiles from Bharat Flooring has been used. The shoe cabinet in pale green PU finish with an intricately inverted arch design bring an identity to the foyer. The north east side is devoted to a vast Pooja room. It also has a huge jali window on the north side to create a play of light and shadow at the time of sunrise. The huge arches and small design cut out in the metal screen makes a partition wall between the living and the pooja room. 
Brick is used as elevation element due to its versatile quality, feel of timelessness and aging with time. There was also an experimentation done in these traditionally acquainted resource to achieve great result in the exterior. While the interior is majorly conceived in wood purchased from a shipping breaking yard in Alang. This brought a limitation of the width of used reclaimed wood. Hence for the design in the entire furniture, doors or the panelling reflects this concern. 

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