Study by Janak By Shivani Agrawal Designer.shivani agrawal

  • Designed by: Shivani Agrawal 
  • Interiors Principle Designer : Shivani Agrawal 
  • Project Type: Commercial Interiors 
  • Project Name: Study by Janak 
  •  Location: Indore 
  • Year Built : 2022 
  • Duration of project: 6months 
  • Principal Designer: Shivani Agrawal 
  • Photograph Courtesy: Ruuhchitra 
  • Firm’s Instagram User name: Shivani.agrawal_interiors
With a legacy of over 3 decades, Studio SBJ has covered a niche for themselves in stylised occasion wear as well as Made to Measure Industry in India.This standalone boutique, designed by Shivani Agrawal, Interior designer and space planner, has been designed keeping a minimalistic and earthy material palette. It is a men’s wedding apparel showroom that helps to meet the need of premium range of wedding collection. The client looked for an offbeat yet classy space that reflects their designer products.
The massive double height entry with entire glass facade marks a gigantic entryway to the studio which is an absolute wonder and grandeur to the showroom. The subtle play of concrete texture on walls throughout, along with black matt metallic hanging for display creates a dramatic statement. Blues in furniture and storage spaces adds charm to the space along with the wooden finish furniture. Accessorising the space with the antique mirrors, which are set in champagne gold frames, gives a shimmer aspect to the space.
Trial rooms are playfully created and are covered with pleated curtains, satisfying the need and adding colours to the walls with giving a vibrant feel to the earthy tones of the showroom. The whole space is accentuated by placing plants at strategic corners to render a natural freshness.
The lighting of the showroom, one can imagine is of utmost importance. The team sought to keep the tone of light natural so as to understand better colours which adds beauty to their product. The grand chandeliers adds luxe and oomph factor to the space.
Intricately designed with rustic palette and embellishing it with golden hues adds a finishing touch that’s a nod to designer’s ethos.

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