Rajmala by Naksh Design Studio

  • project Name:Rajmala
  • Principal Designer : Shibani Mehta
  • Assistant Designer: Ritu Parekh
  • Photographer: Nisheet Dodia ( @archceptions_nisheetdodia )
  • Area: 850 sq. ft.
  • Year of completion: 2022
  • Client name: Khyati Patel, Miral Patel
With a mixed palette of materials, cool tones, and textures this 800sqft. 2BHK residence located in one of Mumbai's plush localities is a project designed by Naksh Design Studio. Tucked awayfrom the hustle and bustle of the city, the home is blessed with a lush green surroundingwhich set the tone for the rest of the space. In front of the entryway, a cosy living room comes to life with a sectional couch with layers of cushions to snug up the seating and a tan throw to add warmth.
It’s a two-bedroom compact apartment and the entire vibe and feel and the colours have worked wonders. The client is a family of four. They were bold and very experimental. In such a small space they allowed us to use the colours and tones that can be seen. The entire living room is done with green, blue and peach tones. They allowed us to use these colours and were very confident with us. 
The furniture was customized because of the size of the space. Where they wanted textures on wardrobes, we convinced them for a fabricated sheet which will not get faint. One more feature over here is the rotating bar which otherwise would have taken up a lot of space. Since there was a space constraint, the kitchen was used as a pantry and their requirement of a bigger dining table had to be rethought. In the master room, we have used Bharat flooring which is again in green but it blends very well. 
The fluted veneer panelling runs along the TV unit continued onto the main doorcreating a clean and seamless look. The idea was to strike the right balance and maintain theintegrity of each material used, be it veneer or PU or Back painted glass. We were fortunate toget clients who were experimental with their design style and were on the same wavelengthas us when we proposed a beautiful green moulding wall behind the sofa. The furniture andfixed cabinetry were custom designed and made in-house to achieve the aesthetics envisioned for the space. 
The master bedroom greets one with an expanse of customised bharat flooring tiles, with aplay of concrete and wood on the full heighted wardrobes. The bathroom door has been flushedwith a veneer panel with the dressing mirror to the left which also has storage behind it tomaximise the space usage. The arched partition being the highlight of the room has been madein wood and fluted glass. It rests on a unit with rattan detail on its shutter which acts as aheadboard from the bed side and a storage unit from the window side.
Our young clients, both teenage boys had a polar opposite dream room they had in mind.We amalgamated the dark meets splash of colour vibe for the kids bedroom. Rememberingthat their tastes are still evolving, there were plenty of chic ways we used to meet in themiddle with ideas that are youthful yet still refined for once they’ve grown out of theircurrent design style. From a striped wallpaper which added colour to the space to a fullheighted wardrobe finished in a charcoal grey PU shade. The headboards are seen runningto the ceiling to give an illusion of a higher ceiling. 
With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and lockdown rules being altered every 15 days, we had to race against time to execute and deliver. But it all seemed like a cake walk with a strong execution team and with our clients trusting our design process and working style. The narrow kitchen also did seem to throw in its own set of challenges of fitting in not only a double door fridge but also the washing machine, while having enough storage for crockery and electrical gadgets. Keeping in mind the practicality while retaining our living room aesthetic, a white composite parallel kitchen adorned by a full black board wall for the client to pen down their recipes. A tall green acrylic unit runs from floor to ceiling and is continued onto the overhead to add colour to the otherwise monochrome space. 
The open living-dining layout enables easy circulation and a certain lightnessdespite the bold and varied use of colours, finishes and textures. The curved forms in the barunit added to the quirk of the space. The passageway is embellished with a rather boldpatterned wallpaper that runs onto the walls and ceiling, and a functional flushed storage unitwith a rattan detail seems to complete the look.

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