The site is surrounded by buildings on all sides, this called for a more introverted planning which resulted in a massive symmetrical composition of the cubist volumes with cutouts that captures attention of anyone.Design concept started with the internal court at the center inspired from the traditional THOTTI KATTU VEEDU STYLE. Spaces are formed around it with an introverted planning. The central court, a modern KUND contains a tree on a water pool.

  • Ar. prasanna parvatikar
  • CUBISM Architects & Interiors
The wall being cladded with Italian marble becomes the main focal point of the hall. The decorative light has been custom made. The scenic view of the courtyard form the living creates a better ambience.
This double height space is enriched by the richness of the simple wall, cladded with tiles and the marble countertop. The courtyard outside adds on a little more beauty to this space. The dining space opens into a double height open to sky deck with the backdrop of a waterfall on Black Antique Granite. A perfect outdoor place for relaxation throughout the day is achieved by ample amount of Sunlight, waterfall and vegetation with a cushioned seating on the wooden deck.
In this room the wall of the headrest is being played with square patterns with an alternative use of veneer and duco .The partition by itself acts as a major point of attraction in this room.
The Formal Living space extends into a courtyard which has an outer seating place, on a  shera grey granite with grass joint. To provide privacy on the Eastern side & elevate the ambience of the courtyard, a pattern of natural stones defined in a M.S frame is introduced.
The horizontal roof projections and the vertical stone cladding highlights the entire cubic structure
giving it a simple but a classy look.

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