CKT office by ilika design studio Int.designer Jaimini Mahida

  • Name: CKT Office
  • Location : Aaron Spectra, Rajpath Rangoli Road, Ahmedabad
  • Interior Designer’s Name: Jaimini Mahida
  • Client Name: Chandrika Thakkar
  • Year Built : 2022
  • Site Area : 546 sq.ft.
  • Built up : 900 sq.ft.
  • Photography:Pratik Chandresha
Ilika creates a contemporary, clean, and crisp office that reflects the client's personality by fusing comfort and function. When you love the workspace, you work in, you end up endearing your work even more. This is the statement that Interior Designer, Jaimini Mahida believes in when she curates any office spaces. Her recent project, the work space for CKT, a trading and pharmaceutical firm housed in the elevated Aaron Spectra at the Rajpath Rangoli Road in Ahmedabad is designed to create a modern, comfortable yet functional work environment.

Jaimini, the Entrepreneur Designer believes that understanding the client’s needs, character and personality is key to creating any space that is not only adored but sustains the test of time for the client. Spread over 546 square feet, the office space is designed with the utility at mind while aesthetic as its backdrop. While the firm sees a lot of walk-ins and satisfied returning customers, the office space was created with the idea of privacy and warmth in mind. This designing style has been incorporated due to the narrow entryway. In the corridor, a bench has been designed with the logo placed above it for easy navigation for new and old customers. The heavy fluted panel backdrop and minimal sitting create for two contrasting elements that strike a perfect balance. A planter has been designed in the corner of the bench to bring the green inside creating a calming effect.                                                  
The founder of CKT had put complete trust in Jaimini and her abilities to create a space of his dreams. The modern, opulent space was created with two separate cabins, one for the client himself and another for his son. The owner’s cabin has a veneer finished backdrop with center tables with the same finish for better symmetry. Along with the tables, there is a beautiful lounge set that provides extra storage through hidden compartments.
The future office space was handed over to Ilika as a blank slate with only the structural framework in place. Creating the entryway, the firm’s welcoming nature was kept in mind. The entryway has a beautiful sitting space that also doubles as a waiting area, welcoming customers with a reception that is completed with a stone finish. 
The workspaces are private, yet cohesive. Other than these cabins, the office has workstations for the staff and a pantry that is easily accessible. The colour palette for the office has been blended yet enhanced and nuanced according to spaces



  1. Congratulations to Jaimini Mahida and ilika design studio on the completion of the CKT office project! Your exceptional design showcases creativity, attention to detail, and a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Also, look at our office interior designers work

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