BRH CENTRE • Mikró Grafeío • Co-Working Office by Raw.Designs Studio

  • Name: BRH CENTRE • Mikró Grafeío • Co-Working Office
  • Location: Royapettah, Chennai
  • Area : 3400 Sq.FT
  • Architect: Gouthami Rao.V 

The reception is placed at the entrance opposite to the lift and the lounge seating beyond the glass doors. An arch was designed between two irregularly placed columns to create an entrance that adds character to the space.The scope of this vast space was to create an office space that was functional and aesthetically appealing. The brief involved creation of a workspace, ideal for diverse companies under one roof. The requirement included minimal and functional design with multiple unique sections to  dispense ease and comfort at the office.Spread across an area of 3400 sqft, the space includes 4 private offices, 2 conference rooms, 4 workspaces, 4 pods (Semi enclosed and enclosed private pods), open communal seating, hotdesks, reception-lounge and pantry        The private offices and conference rooms were covered in a blue shade of carpet flooring while the workspaces and communal seating were in a grey shade to show the importance of hierarchy in these spaces. The walls donned pastel shades of Alliance Blue 7675, Day Break 0942 and Serene Green 1203.The breakout space radiates a vibe that helps people relax and create connections. The pods were designed to conduct mini discussions/ meetings and provide seclusion.Each detail has been designed and acquired to serve the purpose of functionality as well as visual appeal.With tones of wood, accents of black and pastel shades donning the walls in the space, it depicts the minimalistic design style, This complements the natural light flowing into the space creating a clean and modern office space.Mild Steel structures - powder coated in a matte black finish was the key material used to divide and catagorize the spaces within this open office. To add on to the aesthetics - a divider panel which was designed to accomadate planter boxes stands tall between the columns creating a partition between the pantry and the communal workspace which gives it an understated elegance, thereby creating a design harmony throughout the space. Plants were the key element added to spruce up the office space to create a cozy atmosphere. Overall, this space exudes simplicity and lightness making sure nothing hinders the creative processThe project entailed an open layout with ample natural lighting falling into the space. The building’s interesting angular areas posed design challenges. The aim was also to extract the full potential of the space while keeping the openness and the flow of the overall space. It was designed with various seating arrangements and the intricate design elements used in this Co-working project space. This office space is an amalgamation of modern and unique spatial catagorization including communal seating sections, single and multi pods, managers cabins and a range of others


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