Rustic theme Restaurant - Taste of Bhagwati (TOB) Restaurant

  • PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT -   Ar. Chandrakant parmar
  • BUILD AREA                        2450 sq.ft 
  • SITE AREA                            2450 sq.ft
  • DESIGN TEAM -                   Ivy interiors
  • LOCATION-                           Surat
  • PROJECT COST                    60Lacs
  • PHOTOGRAPHY                   Dhrupad Shukla
This hospitality project is developed and designed on Rustic theme. There’re constant changes happening for the better & better & Better functionalities. This means our planning & layout had turned up so well that it gave a lot more flexibility & comfort to food lovers. As it is situated in the textile market area of the city, need certain specifications in design. Like formal meeting space along with normal food lover. Yellow and orange tone every-where was a smart move to the interior of this food factory. 
The theme used is Rustic theme. The design uses natural elements like stone, wood, rope, clay pots and plants. The design gives touch and feel of city along with corporate identity.

The use of traditional clay pots, kullahd. It is one of the kitchen n earthen equipment. with the combination of wood & clay pots we design a wall mural.To separate the kitchen & restaurant area, designed cnc cutting partition. rope and wood used for partition. Glass used for transparency of the live kitchen and also the smell n noise of the kitchen should not disturb the customer.

It is situated In the boring and crowded marketplace of Surat. so through our designing we've to give comfort and relaxation. Divided area in three different kind of sitting. Few portion of the restaurant is separated with partition to give sheer luxury to businessmen could seal the deals. Diamond is the identity of the city same way hanging sitting is also identity of the restaurant.

our old time copper utensils are completely vanishing. Due to our progressive living & life style, here we used them as pieces of art object as well as it used to serve the food in this contemporary restaurant.

Most of the accessories used in the interior is inspired by restaurant equipment or accessories. like wall mural or lights. open ceiling & open ducting trying to show simplicity of the place.



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