ROW HOUSE AT JODHPUR By AR. Milind Pai (Mumbai)


This high end project located in the outskirts of Jodhpur is a harmonious balance of refined and classy interiors that aims to reflect the client’s lifestyle. Added with sophisticated richness in color, texture, innovative design and luxury; this project was way beyond just aesthetics. The client was extremely design conscious and wanted an ‘out of the ordinary’ home. Ar. Milind Pai and team were briefed to design the 2,763 sq. ft. interior space considering the client’s functional requirement, prominence and budget all together. The team conceptualized a design keeping in mind the people who occupy it with a mission to enhance the way the people live through great designs with a modern appeal and a classy ambience.

The huge entrance door with an awe-inspiring lobby gives an example of clean-lined classic imprint bringing out the pith of this space. The foremost portion of the house after entering gives an exotic welcome which caters to the youthful taste of the client. The living room wall has a striking artwork with mirror and MDF which not only adds to the spaciousness but also imparts a sense of interest. The TV unit designed in backlight laser-cut SS panel, the statuario tile flooring and the onyx table at the centre stands out redefining splendor. The classical elements evoke the feeling of warmth and solidity appropriate to family residences. This strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary interiors.

The extended living area is the dining wherein lighting plays the pivotal role to divide the two functional areas. The dining area has a wall with brown-tinted mirror combined with leather panels catching the eye. The worship zone fused with the cutlery unit in this area made out of corian possesses a sober character.

The open-to-sky balcony accessible from the living area has a row of water fountains which creates seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The serene statue of Buddha on the stepped pebbled area fills the place with sacredness. This transfers the whole context of the area towards a tradition base. The gentle blend of classical and contemporary elevates the overall living experience. The ambient lighting and the use of alabaster add a dramatic effect to this area. The stone finished tiles with local custom made vases impart Jodhpuri impression.

The guest room has off-white walls introducing a polished personal atmosphere to the room. The use of mirrors on walls and wardrobe conveys a sense of big volume. Further, subtleness is proven by the use of the black glass with abstract designs. The attached toilet with designer wall tiles and backlit mirror stands poised with the bedroom interior.

‘Life within reach’ encapsulates the layout of the kitchen. This is the area where series of task based work comes into action. The kitchen is designed so as to suit two generations- mother and the child with different interests and ideologies. This particular style is not always a successful recipe for a great kitchen today but most interesting kitchens are about mixing up a bit. The mini-TV is en suite in chimney as per the client’s longing.  The random design on the full-wall tall unit and the designer glass on cabinets add to the distinction of the design.

The passage was designed to complement the existing space leading to the kids’ and master bedroom. It holds the wash basin unit with highlighter mirror and designer wall tiles.

Relaxation and aloofness are what most of us look for in a master suite. The master bedroom for this house is the perfect brew of the both with an added lavishness. The highlighting unit for bed back, the multilevel POP pattern on the wall with TV, the Swarovski inset on the comfortable chairs gives a distinctive identity and opulence to the room. The meshing of ceiling with fabric finish wallpaper and cove lights adds to the pomp of the space. The toilet top with white corian gets pop of color in the form of yellow used on the wall gives it a classy stroke.

The kids’ bedroom gives a clear contrast to the home as a whole which has been designed as per the psychology of the child. The use of bright and energetic colors reveals the vitality of Chief Architect-Milind Pai. The vinyl graphics had been opted f

or walls and wardrobe to allow regular change in graphics in the future. The sky effect on ceiling and grey wooden flooring breaks the monotony of area and gives it a vibrant embrace.

The client concludes, “Every human being has a dream to own not only a house but a wholly designed home where a family can live happily and healthily and that can aesthetically and functionally enhances the environment. Milind Pai Architect & Interior Designer has facilitated this into a reality with creative and nifty designing and valuable inputs.”

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