The Incredible Landscapes is Bonsai display designed for a client to sell high end Bonsai, Bougainvillea and other exotic plants. The unit is being constructed in a compound of Industrial Estate near Vadodara where the client owns a Factory shed, Yash Highvoltage, for manufacturing Transformer Bushings. To blend the visual language of the factory shed with the Artistic nature of the plants being sold, a tensile structure was designed over an exposed brick platform for the display. The idea was to use different grades of Tensile Fabric to gain shade and create shadow patterns while allowing Sun, Wind and Light required for the plants, which do not need artificially created conditions. The Display unit is perpendicular to the Factory, in plan, which has an off white Proflex roof, hence the lighter shades of Tensile Fabric was preferred. While working, artistic use of steel was explored to attain a structure that merges in the Industrial Setting yet stands out for its product, exotic plants.

During the design, use of different materials was explored by the firm and materials in their indigenous color and texture were preferred over artificial coloring. Use of Fiber Glass Grating, a product manufactured by the same client was used as a part of the backdrop of display. Ceiling of conference room was made using the same Fiber Glass Grating, replacing the concrete slab. Conference Room Wall overlooking the display is of full height glass and the rest of the walls made are of Exposed Brick. The Tensile Fabric shade used was the base shade and steel was coated for preventing rust. The gel coat over the Double Curve Security Cabin Roof was also not further colored or pigmented. Thus, emphasis over natural look was given to blend the structure in the setting and highlighting the product, the exotic plants. 

INCREDIBLE LANDSCAPES Design By - Modi Srivastava & Associates (Vadodara)

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