MIHIR’S HAIR STUDIO by Ar.Parth Chithe

  • Design Firm: Chitte Architects
  • Principal Designer/Architect: Ar. Parth Chitte
  • Area: 334sqft.
  • Location: Channi Jakatnaka, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
  • Design Team:  Aishwarya Karve, Karan Patil, Vrushali Jadhav, Vishal Chitte, Parth Chitte and Devendra Chitte
  • Photography credits: Tejas Shah

  • Concept and treatment/ design response: In a small space, every inch counts, a 334 sq.ft. Premise that gives enough room to move around, which is really important ergonomically. The concept was to design the interior in a way that the salon looks spacious despite of the small size.

Major design and planning objective: Dark colours absorbs the light, making the liveable space small; thus the small place making a tempo with the light coloured walls which are reflective and make space feel more spacious.
Mirrors at the intervals make the room look large and brighter by reflecting both natural and artificial light.
From the get-go, it was decided to create an apogee showcasing the impression of the exposed ceiling patterns popping with bright colour and distorted pattern of light fixtures, drawing eyes upwards from the streets, creating an illusion of height and depth. The furniture moulds accordingly with the deformed geometry based ceiling and the wall niches in the reception table, storage, sitting, and the stations reclaimed with the edge mirrors, it all follows up the pattern in every function of the Salon.
The thematic Spa room, a perfect rejuvenating room with combination of masculine colour palette with the mood lighting creating a perfect ambience. Henceforth blending the functions and the inner forms, making a public house than just a salon.

  • Instead of suspending false ceiling, exposed ceiling was taken on call with popping light fixtures running through the length of ceiling. The exposed ceiling follows a dramatic geometry distortion, clearly visible from the down street, making it noticeable to every passer-by. The planning of salon is linear with undeviating and sequential functions from reception table facing the waiting lounge following with the dressing stations and further the spa room. The patterned ceiling runs all through the internal furniture, storage, table, niches; even the grooves were drawn consciously based on the deformed geometric flow of ceiling .
  • The robust palette flowing on ceiling and floor, has its own purpose, the dark ceiling allows lights to pop out loud till the ground floor streets, whereas the floor to circumvent the grim and dirt. Therefore the ceiling and floor shades contradicts and compliments the bright wall and the furniture tinge which in turn contrast the products stacked, making the room more voluminous. The psychological approach is significant for any space design, to an extent the mirrors placed at a distant creating an illusion of palatial space in a minimal room. The inviting spa room are ambient with an area of revitalization having mood lightings with the same patterned niches, storages and details .

  •  unusual restraints or opportunities and how we handled them : The space being small and with a long list of the clients requirements, it was a challenging task. The salon is sited at the level 1 of the building, hence visual linkage between the upper floor and the lower ground floor activities is necessary.  There being a lot of other salons in the locality it was mandatory to design the interior in a way so as to charm the customers towards the salon. To make the salon more appealing the clear glass façade provided an interesting view of the exposed ceiling and geometric light fixtures from the street.

·        Material palette:

1.       Wooden furniture with P.U coating.

2.      Asian Royal Paints on the walls.

3.      Bevelled mirrors

4.      Toughen glass

5.      Natural laminates on the ceiling fixtures

6.      Semi leather finish Tapestry: pearl shade

·        Special techniques used in facade: clear glass façade used to showcase the interior ceiling treatment. Planters on the front and side façade add up to the appeal of the salon

·        Details on HVAC: Two split air conditioning systems provided with the outlet going outside through the toilet .

About the client:

·        A brief statement about the client - his design brief: the client wished his hair studio to have a unique, appealing and a foreign touch along with having a spacious, soothing and refreshing ambience.

·        Immediate requirements: 4 chair,3 bed wash area, display area and washroom

·        Nature of business: hair salon

·        No. of employees and such other factual details that are imperative to the project: 4 employees work efficiently to give the customers a refreshing and a rejuvenating experience at the salon. The thematic spa room adds to the beauty of their specialization in the spa treatments.

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