Ethnic Eclecticism (Pankaj Gandhi - VH Designs Studio)

Shifting away from the well chewed so-called contemporary minimal décor, Pankaj Gandhi of VH Designs Studio opts for a rather evergreen approach of ethnic Indian style of décor to transform a box into a home for a modern nuclear family.

Densely populated site with weeds and “Neel-gay” in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. It’s a weekend house with full utility for family fun. The design has been oriented to keep the low maintenance landscape with no invasion with existing plants & trees. The landscape designing consists place for hammock, family sit-out, parking with natural shade, Tree Island, and utility.

Pankaj Gandhi of VH Designs Studio through his personalized touch, in correspondence to the vibes of the nuclear modern family of Snehal and Ketu Shah with their lovely daughter Anal, renders finely defined interior décor to this three bedroom lavish apartment. Shifting away from the well chewed theme of so-called contemporary minimal décor, Gandhi opts for a rather evergreen approach. The ethnic Indian style of décor transforms this box into a home. Every element is handpicked to ensure an alluring mélange instead of chaotic confusion for the overall composition. With his urban and architectural background, in 2006 Pankaj Gandhi established a firm that specializes in architecture, interior design, landscape design and product design. Earlier established as Pankaj Gandhi & Associates, today well known as VH Designs
Studio, it is a multidisciplinary team of 12 committed individuals working on the fundamentals of design principle and sustainable developments commonly agreed upon.

“VH Designs Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm, headquartered in Ahmedabad,
Gujarat. The emphasis at our firm is to deliver client sensitive designs in terms of
identity, function, cost and time. We believe that design is a collaborative process
wherein a dedicated team of architects along with engineers, designers, artisans and
related professionals put their best foot forward to make client’s long cherished dream
come true. Ethics, intent and innovation serve as core values of our service. We have
always strived to strike a balance between function and form and to be a catalyst which
defines, inspires and affects a change for better. We truly believe that the quality of our
environment can greatly enhance the quality of our lives,” claims Gandhi.
As one steps inside the entrance door of this luxurious apartment, linear array of
traditional brass utensils at the vestibule gives a glimpse of the marvels to follow.
Enveloped by intricate wooden screens, inspired from traditional ‘jali’ element of
heritage homes, the prayer room warmly greets as a welcoming gesture. The woven
carpet with its warm colours marks the territory of the prayer space against the
seamless white marble flooring.

The prayer room, living room and dining room are one big cluster of spaces connected through open plan devoid of any rigid partition wall. Subtle gestures demarcate the boundaries that often overlap. Milky white tone forms the base which accentuates the elements of décor through contrast. Neutral tapestry is coupled with warmly tinted furniture to elude warmth and elegance. An elect display of art, primarily focusing on Indian women as its theme, adds the perfect panache to overall graphical value.

The lavish living room is candidly done to facilitate tittle-tattle of the family and guests at occasions of varying moods. There is a scope of get-togethers which can be spilled over the semi-covered balcony embellished with plantations to add the touch of nature. On other occasions, one may choose to engross into an intimate rendezvous on the voguish lounge chairs wrapped in brightly tinted traditional fabric reflecting the spirit of Gujarati art and craft. The wooden traditional arch, which is more than hundred years old and acquired from a dismantle contractor, segregates the dining space from the living room while providing an opportunity for peeping through.

Bright cushion covers and vernal tones of flowing curtains add zeal and youthfulness to the ambiance. The farrago of colours blooms as the pleasant daylight fills the spaces with pure and pristine spirit. “Neat and clear décor without any clutter allows the natural light and cross ventilation within the spaces. You may not believe it, but we have used in total only twelve light fittings throughout the house, including the bathrooms. Reduce, re-use and re-cycle are our fundamentals of sustainable design,” elucidates Gandhi. As most spaces receive constant breeze and indirect natural light with less heat gain, there is very less dependency on artificial lighting and air-conditioning consuming non- renewable sources of energy.

Flanked between the kitchen and bedrooms, the centrally placed dining space is the heart of the house that pumps life into the entire home. The chic dining table is highlighted with custom designed ceiling lamp. The dining space is complimented with informal seating that makes room for friendly conversations. If the trendy upholstery of the seats acts as pepper, the collage of family photographs on the adjoining wall is the salt in this recipe. It is these gestures that transform a rigid concrete box into breathing home which intertwines the memories and happiness of the inhabitants into its soul.

The master bedroom radiates richness and sophistication through its monochromatic décor. Subtle walls, flooring and curtains are contrapuntal to the dark hued furniture. The bright red headboard adds the oomph factor in the couple’s bedroom. The focus of interest is the custom designed unique dressing table that reminds of the royal quirks. “While there is a basic theme that guides the design of the overall house, as designers it is inevitable to address the likes and preferences of each and every individual of the family. Anal, the daughter of the couple, had a modern taste. To address her personal style, her bedroom is given a contemporary touch which still retains the overall qualities like classical and evergreen,” says Gandhi. Unlike the usual pink painted daughter’s bedroom, Anal’s bedroom is trendy with its subtle walls, warmer flooring and darker ceiling. The colours are imbibed through stylish turquoise chair and unconventional graphics on the wall. Books, toys and her musical instrument find a well defined niche within the light and airy space.

  • The shutter of the cupboard illustrates her dreams and imaginations for forthcoming life.
    Varying gestures of her favorite cartoon Garfield in different scales occupy the wall
    along the bed. Surprisingly the electrical pipes are left exposed on the walls and
    ceilings and coloured with fresh purple colour. The toggle switches arranged in defined
    formation add graphical beauty to the room. The yellow ceramic light fittings are the
    cherry on the cake.
    The personalized touch and unique combination of modern and ethnic styles make this
    apartment as the perfect home where one would like to come back after a tiring day. It
    is a mélange of beautiful elements, interesting artifacts and harmonious colours. This is
    the décor style that does not need to be changed with dwindling trends of time. This is
    not only timeless but also affordable. It is for today and forever!
    Name of Client: Ketu & Snehal Shah
    Location of Project: Ahmedabad
    Year of completion: 2016
    Built-Up Area: 140 Sq. M.
    Cost: 18 lac
    Flooring: Mable, Wooden and Vitrified tiles
    Wall finishes: Plastic paint
    Kitchen: Countertop: Granite
    Kitchen Walls: Handmade Tile Kitchen Furniture: Teak Wood
    Furniture: Teak wood, Cane, Steel
    Bathrooms: Vitrified tiles 
Plant selection has been done to shelter the main land and to address the security aspects. Elephant grass has been planted at the bottle neck of the natural rain water run-off. Floral belt and leafy plants has been planted across the main dwelling unit. The parking has been done with grass natural stone pavers. 

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