• Project Type:-Hospitality
  • Project Name:-Ramee Royal Resort, Udaipur
  • Client Name:-Mr.Gaurav Jain
  • Location :-Near IIM ,Baleecha , Udaipur , (Raj) 313001

The hustle of the city life drives a person to look for tranquility and search for inner peace, which so alludes to him in his mundane life. Amangiri bridges the difference between the darkness in the depths of lands and the light which comes calling from the heavens, celebrating the union of the two.

The form it takes is mostly organic, triggering curiosity with its silent light and playful inquisitive spaces. The form is wedge-shaped and language is maintained throughout. It almost humors you by appealing to the child in you in playing with itself, making you wonder, drawing you in the insides, taking you along through the curved pathways. The play of scale from single story to triple heightened spaces like restaurant blocks; variation in heights and form of the spaces is an excuse to escape the ordinary and explore anew, an opportunity to experience spaces differently through each vantage point.

The interiors being introverted, contemplative, and appealing at the same time allows one to search for inner self while the exteriors offer vistas of the surroundings, engaging both joyous and peaceful essence of man, initiating an intense experience at each perspective.

The built form has a strong geometrical form following a similar curvilinear language throughout a giant footprint. The user experiences new perspectives and finds themselves orienting to a new vantage point at every different space throughout the journey. The contours at the site are effectively utilized resulting in effective planning.

The user looks out for the play of forms, the varied scale of spaces as one stands in them, curves hugging the sky, symmetrical shadows moving on circular buildings, fluid forms carved out of mountains. With an organic spa and a huge pool, everything is seamlessly carved into these organic mountains. This resort brings about the best of Udaipur in terms of tradition, its mountains, and lakes. There is everything for everyone, an exceptional lobby, and banquet.

The sequence of spaces being narrow, high, small, and steep create a sense of excitement for the guest, although the portals through which the user passes within the functional space is usually low in most of the spaces like room blocks, cottages, spa, etc. allowing one to feel secure as one passes by. The triple heightened restaurant block on the contrary gives a feeling of grandeur apart from all other spaces.

The cut and fill massing technique allows in a separate arrangement of spaces and allows flexibility for future extensions. The parking and cottages at the entrance have been planned through the cut & fill technique as the site offers pre-existing contours.The Soft blue color against the white walls is used to highlight elements of style in both exteriors and interiors.

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