‘GROHE Experiences’ and Nitibha Kaul Join Forces to provide A&D community with the luxury experiences


GROHE Experiences, a brand platform of GROHE India, a leading bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings brand, launched the "Reel It In" workshop series with social media influencer Nitibha Kaul. These workshops are designed to offer the Architect and Designer community cutting-edge experiences in luxury, content creation, and brand engagement.

The first workshop in the series was held at The Lixil Studio in Bengaluru, which was attended by 25+ Architects and Designers. The workshop was conducted to showcase the potential of meta platforms with first-hand experience of how to create and curate engaging reels with tools and tricks that help them add value to the storytelling and content creation aspects relevant to their domain. 

The event highlighted the significance of enhancing content quality, delved into the technical aspects of content creation, and underscored the necessity of integrating relevant case studies from esteemed architects within the industry. Additionally, the workshop placed a strong emphasis on brainstorming strategies to foster deep engagement.

The concept of "Reel It In" initially began as a simple content delivery platform. However, due to the overwhelmingly positive reception from the audience, GROHE Experiences is now gearing up to provide many more such experiential activations. The idea is to empower professionals in the Architects and Designers community with enhanced technical skills and knowledge.

GROHE Experiences aspires to offer imaginative and luxurious experiences that deeply engage with the audience, ultimately leading to heightened brand awareness.                                                         

Bobby Joseph, Leader, LWT India and Subcontinent, says, "Architect and Designer community plays a vital role in assisting us to take our products to the end customer. For the growth of our brands in the country, its vital that we aid the growth of Architects and Designers. The recent "Reel It In" workshop, conducted with Nitibha Kaul, is yet another one of our efforts to help the community enhance their visibility.  As we move forward, we are more committed to providing the Architects and Designers with the resources and experiences they need to excel in their endeavors 

Nitibha Kaul, actor and prominent social media influencer, expresses, "The inaugural "Reel It In" workshop was an absolute blast, brimming with engagement and enthusiasm. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive dive into the art of reel-making and left with a newfound determination to craft remarkable content. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the participants, sharing practical insights on conquering the social media realm and honing the craft of creating captivating reels. GROHE Experiences and I are thrilled to continue this initiative and eagerly anticipate hosting numerous more sessions of this workshop throughout India."

Going ahead, GROHE Experiences has scheduled many more such workshops at its experience centers in Bangalore and Mumbai.  

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