Transform your Shelves into Statement of Elegance

When it comes to storage, efficient shelving options reduce effort and stress. It only takes an extra shelf to increase the amount of space where you can store useful items and help make your space more functional and aesthetic. Categorize similar items together, such as books, kitchenware, or decorative items. Consider investing in adjustable shelves that can be tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes. It also enables you to reorganize your shelves as your storage needs change over time.

Consider these beautiful shelving design ideas by Ar.Smita Vijaykumar, Founder reNNovate Interiors. Incorporating unique shapes and designs that add a touch of sophistication and paying attention to intricate detailing, such as decorative mouldings, ornate hardware, or inlaid patterns, to elevate the overall design.

About ReNNovate Interiors:-

ReNNovate Interiors, specializes in home design and execution with 5yrs warranty in 45 days! With the support of Asian paints home décor, they have a phenomenal repertoire of completed works. Founded by a power couple, one is a qualified architect and the other is a strong-headed structural engineer, their goal is to provide HASSLE FREE interior services. reNNovate is the brainchild of Smita Vijaykumar, Co-founder & CEO and Yateesh Contractor, Co-founder & CFO. ReNNovate is a Mumbai based hassle-free one-stop-shop for residential interior solutions. The brand believes in providing sustainable luxury to its clients. With their experience and passion towards design, the duo is making their mark in the industry, showing an exponential growth year on year.


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