Sky Gardens By Insite Concepts

  • Project Name : Sky Gardens
  • Designed by/ Firm Name :Insite Concepts(Instagram)
  • Year Built :2020
  • Site Area : 8000 Sqft Floor Area (on 4th floor above commercial space)
  • Client Name:Adv Santhosh Wilson
  • Material Palette of the project :Imported tiles (Lioli) , teakwood flooring and ceiling
  • Project Cost Appx : 3 Cr

Insite Concepts is a multi-disciplinary disciplinary architecture firm that follows a design philosophy with a minimalist approach rather than following fashion trends. The Client having resided previously in a house very much grounded and close to nature ,always wanted to have similar experience in the apartment which is 4 floors above the ground in the midst of the city. So they had an aspiration to create simple functional apartment where they could be close to nature.

The brief given by the client was to design an apartment that is internally open, letting nature interact with different typologies of spaces and giving landscape major priority.The apartment had 6000sqft total open terrace on three sides at about 1.2m below the unit level.The idea was to landscape these terraces and extend the living and private spaces into this garden.The focus was on allowing the interior spaces to be as transparent as possible to the elevated garden surrounding them.The idea of having landscape on three sides around the unit connects them physically to earth as well as the sky . The bio diversity this created enhance the five senses.

The apartment comprises of three living spaces ,dining room, reading area, three bedrooms and kitchen, well lit toilets and utility kitchen along with home theatre and a gazebo. Gazebo looks forward as a space to have the informal chats over a coffee enjoying the lush green around and the cool breeze .

A minimalist and holistic style approach is followed in the apartment for the interiors which delivers clarity and beauty. Also worked towards the porosity of spaces where one space blends into the other. The furnitures are flaunt in a way that amalgamated traditional and modern furnitures in a white background canvas.We wanted the landscape around to be highlighted in the background of the interior spaces . We decided to go for a very whitish interiors and the team wood ceiling framing the views .
The must striking feature through these spaces is the presence of ample natural light, which is achieved through the transparent glass skin along the periphery and maximum cross ventilation allowing the breeze to flow across these spaces . These add positive vibes in the apartment. How we feel impacts how we live, how we inhabit space, and how we construct our lives. The emotions and sentiments may alter depending on the location.The created environment gives extended focus in enhancing all our senses besides visual feel. We enjoy the green through our eyes, smell the fragrances of the flowers, hear the humming of the bees and the birds and feel the texture of the grass. Landscape design is done not only to add prominence to the interiors but also to cut off the noise from the abutting busy streets and accord shading to the glass skin on east and west sides of the apartment. The vegetation on the peripheral makes the apartment to its fullest beauty. Having ample of plants, fruits and vegetable garden helps the inhabitants to be more intimate with nature.
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