Hotel Saffron Crest By Premnath and Associates

  • Project Name :Hotel Saffron Crest
  • Client Name:Bineet Somani
  • Location :Siliguri – Darjeeling, West Bengal
  • Principal Architect(s) :Ar. Prem Nath
  • Year Built :2018
  • Site Area :8000 Sq. meter
Hotel Saffron Crest is a FOUR STAR HOTEL situated at Siliguri – Darjeeling main road. It’s a Standalone Individual 2 Acre property not tied up with any national/international hotel. It belongs to one individual owner.
Prem Nath & Associates were the sole Consultant for design of all Amenities and Facilities as per hotel norms & classifications. The Hotel is designed with basement, ground floor and plus 6 upper storey having 80 rooms comprising of 3 Banquet Halls, Large Party Garden, Parking Lots, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bar/Restro Bar, Swimming Pool, Health Club, Gym/Spa, etc. It’s a very popular for Wedding Feast and Convention for Group Bookings. Hotel has been design with Modern Contemporary Style” with Central Air-Conditioning, with Roof-Top Solar Panels for Energy Efficiency with Green Parameters keeping in mind Sustainable Features & Materials. Hotel Saffron Crest is a masterpiece of design, blending elegance, functionality and aesthetics appeal. Every aspect of architecture has been carefully considered to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere for its guests. The Lobby serves as the gateway to the hotel with its double ceiling height; its design aims to make a lasting impression before you in all its grandeur. The Lobby is often considered the focal point of a Hotel, as it is the first space the guests encounter upon arrival. The architectural design of the lobby begins with a great entrance that captures the attention of guests which involves an impressive facade and a striking entrance canopy. The goal is to create a sense of arrival and anticipation.Architecture elements such as columns, arches, dividers strategically placed to define different functional areas within the lobby, such as, Reception, seating areas, concierge desk and Business Centre. The flow is intuitive and easily navigable for guests. High quality materials like marble, granite, polished wood used is to convey a sense of luxury and elegance. Lighting fixtures are strategically placed to accentuate focal points such as artwork, sculptures, decorative elements, etc. The spaciousness of the area creates a sense of openness, allowing to feel a seamless realm of luxury and comfort with its flooring and lighting fixtures. The layout of the lobby is open and spacious, allowing for smooth guest flow and comfortable seating area. Its Lounge has elegant space keeping in mind comfort, relaxation, and socialization for guests. It exudes an atmosphere of refined sophistication warmth. The lounge tasteful interior design combines modern aesthetics creating a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance. The design of the Bar and Restaurant focuses on creating a stylish and inviting dining experience. The layout is carefully planned to accommodate both individual diners and larger groups. Designed with harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and inviting charm. Soft ambient lighting casts a warm glow , creating an intimate and welcoming ambiance.

The Swimming Pool and Pool side Patio area are designed to provide serene and luxurious escape. It’s an Oasis of Relaxation and Rejuvenation with a Spacious Patio. The architectural design takes advantage of the surrounding natural elements, such as, landscaping and water features, to create a harmonious integration with the environment. The pool itself may feature sleek lines and a modern design while the patio area incorporating comfortable lounge chairs and shaded area for relaxation with swaying palm trees. Whether one prefers to bask in the sun or relax in the shade, the Pool-side Patio provides the perfect spot to soak up the serene ambiance and enjoy the pool side refreshments. The use of natural materials, adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to the space. It creates a serene / realm of relaxation and luxury for the guests. The Pool-side Patio is design in such a way that it is functional area allowing to move around the Swimming Pool and climb in and out of the water safely without any hassle. It has a level space for both seating and dining furniture.

The Luxurious Guest bed room provides comfort, convenience and restful retreat for guests during their stay. The room is designed with meticulous attention to detail, combining elegance and functionality to create a space that exceeds your expectations shutting out the noise of the outside world with attention to privacy and natural light. Each room is designed to provide a peaceful sanctuary, featuring premium bedding, contemporary furnishings and modern amenities. Whether a guest chooses a standard room or a spacious suite, they can expect a restful night’s sleep and a comfortable retreat throughout their stay. It ensures a peaceful environment for a restful night sleep.

The Banquet Hall designed to be a versatile space, is spacious and elegant venue designed to host a variety of events such as weddings, conferences, galas and other special occasions. The hall is expansive with high ceiling and ample space to accommodate large gatherings. The architectural design for flexible seating arrangements, with movable partitions or an open plan layout. The use of high ceiling and ample natural lighting creates a sense of spaciousness and grandeur. The acoustics are carefully considered to ensure optimal sound quality for presentations and live performances. Design combines elegance with modern elements creating an atmosphere that is captivating and versatile. The hall is adorned with tasteful and ornate decor, decorative mouldings, feature walls, featuring chandeliers that cast a warm and enchanting glow. The lighting design can be adjusted to create different moods and ambiances, whether it be soft and romantic setting or a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Since it is a business of showcasing impressive interior, the Hotel as an attractive appearance. Hotel too are known to possess a distinct personality. The basic design of this Hotel , the layout and planning of various facilities and services including Sustainable building features such as Energy efficiency, Renewable energy generation, Water efficiency, Storm water management and Superior indoor Environment has been taken care of.

Overall, the Hotel is a Testament to thoughtful design , incorporating elements that enhance the great experience and create a sense of luxury and comfort. Each area is meticulously crafted to achieve a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that the guests feel welcomed and inspired throughout their stay.

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