V9 Home Décor by Komil Patel

When the client approached, they conveyed their desire for furnishing retail showroom that was minimal and exuded simplicity with maximum of display of their samples.

The store is this 2500 square-foot retail furnishing space in Vadodara spells discreet elegance and dynamic harmony between its opulent interiors that makes it feel akin. 

  • Designed by/ Firm Name : Komil Patel & Associates
  • Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/komilpatel14/
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/komil1410
  •  Project Type : Retail Store Interior
  • Project Name : V9 Home Décor
  • Client Name: Dipak Shah
  • Location : Subhanpura, Vadodara
  • Principal Architect(s) : Komil Patel
  • Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : V9 Home Décor by Komil Patel

This furnishing retail space is nestled in a commercial building, with constructed concrete column grid. The services like HVAC and plumbing were provided on the site. With this space given, the designer carefully structured the requirements and divided the floor space into 3 vertically parallel grids – the first is the centre grid, characterful gallery and foyer that leads a tranquil aura to the visitors. While the second grid showcases curtains and sofa samples having finely detailed hangers and a chic metal partition nestled with the hint of wooden work in racks. The third is similar about giving the full experience, with inviting seating along the built-in display curated with the latest wallpapers, floorings, rollers. Where a part was made into an office space for the owner offering subtle aesthetics. 

A lot of thought has gone into decking up into the detailing of interiors to this iconic store. 

Giving an eye to the details from floor to ceiling, the flooring is done in white terrazzo inlay-ed with black granite having a geometric pattern in lines and dots, where the granite lines indicate the direction and dot at the end indicates the destination. This pattern of flooring is continued from the foyer to all the all the areas of the showroom. Following the same detail in furniture design giving it a complete whole look. The shell and furniture are given an earthy finish following a singular vocabulary. 

Where the furniture is kept elementary with minimal details, and complimentary dash of colour added to the upholstery. Having a look to the logo of the store, it has been conceptualised in thread art, portraying/indicating their nature of work or the basic material of the textile business. 

The lights of the foyer are customised on site giving it an opulent look, whereas the other exposed ceiling areas are kept muted with proper amount of lighting. While the walls were simply coated with spray texture, to finish the walls. On either side of the entrance to the store, were two substantial sized display windows. These arched display window on the façade is intricately crafted with different colour scheme in different windows using the textile samples complimenting with the scaled building elements, trying to give clients a visual help. The aisle in front of the display window was articulated in perforated metal sheet for the array of arches, giving a visual attraction from the streets.

V9 is an experiential furnishing store from its minimalist aesthetic and neutral hues to the airy lightness in its interior.

The terrazzo flooring is complimented with wooden furniture creating an interesting play of new details and patterns/designs introduced with/in simple building materials.

The space has been transitioned from being an empty area with column grid to an

immersive design experience with dedicated spaces for textiles, flooring, etc. 


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