Epicurean Desire By Hsc Designs – Hiloni Sutaria

This project is designed as a versatile space, as a cafe during the day and a multi cuisine restaurant during the evening. The space is designed in a way that there is a flow of spaces into each other culminating into a multitude of spaces merging with each other as arcs. The space is meant to evoke a sense of shock and wonder-meant as soon as you enter the space subtly guiding you through visual cues into the different areas of the space. The cafe was a small space but we wanted it to have a sense of grandeur and magnanimity and hence the disproportionately scaled chandelier and tables are meant to evoke a sense of awe. 

  • Project Type  :Café (hospitality)  
  • Project Name : Epicurean Desire
  • Principal Architectural & Designer  : Hsc Designs – Hiloni Sutaria
  • Location      : Ahmedabad  
  • Client : Abhishree Orchard  
  • Interior Designers    : Hsc Designs
  • Landscape Consultant  : Hsc Designs
  • Year Built    : 2021
  • Site Area     : 2400 sq ft 
  • Photography   : Ishi Sitwala (Ishi Fishy) 
  • Material Palette of the project     : Wood, metal and glass     

The curve of the bar table/ serving area acts as not only a visual cue but also as a physical, tactile guiding path through the sense of the space. The materiality of the space gives a sense of luxury and opulence even though it's done with simple materials. The parametric spaces create pools of endless reflections making playful spaces for the users.

The materials used in the project though exude luxuriousness are raw and recycled. The Ms used for the light chandeliers are reused from scrap yards and regenerated. The simple raw materials used to almost reflect endlessly creates this interesting space.

As this cafe is an eatery in a weekend homes project people would come to the space to disconnect and feel a sense of hedonism and this space is designed to give people the feel of the same. 

Apart from the chandeliers, following our design philosophy we have tried to implement the design with utmost sustainability looking at maximum re-use of materials and zero wastage by using the scrap and extra materials. The main element of the space which is the spiralling bar table which flows through the entire space connecting the serving and seating area making it like an endless loop is made through the combination of computational technology and the use of handmade craftsmanship. The brass table makes the main element of the space curving and arching through the whole space leaving the other space open for flow. 

The tables are made as pods intertwining with each other leaving the possibility of moving the tables for flexible seating whenever necessary.  The outer area is made playful with a simple flowing bench and swings making the waiting area interesting. The attractor point of the design which is the archway to the entry which leads people into the cafe has panels that cover the arch protecting it from heat in the day and glowing up in the night with the lights and the translucency of the material. The arch is made of panels which are curving towards the door giving it a directional pathway to the space.

The challenges faced while making the design were the merging of technology and the execution of the same. Also, the budget of the project was controlled and needed to be executed with simple yet striking materials within the controlled budget. Despite this and with change of many aspects of the site through covid we made sure to stick to our ethos of sustainable execution of zero waste and ethically sourced materials.

The challenges were the most enjoyable part of the project as well. The main bar table was a mammoth to assemble and put together. Also, as we wanted to give storage in the table that was an added challenge to the same. The chandelier over the bar table was another aspect of the same. Making sure that the ring angles are aligned at the exact positions to make sure the end result is structurally and aesthetically viable was a great exhausting but fun exercise for the team as well. 

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