ABHYUDAY A home that would showcase their story By ID.Jaimini Mahida

This 4,400-sq-ft apartment located near ISRO in Nandi hills, Ahmedabad, is blessed with abundant sunlight during the morning and has a beautiful balcony facing the outdoors. “During the interaction with the client,” recalls Jaimini Mahida, principal designer of Ilika Interior Design Studio, “he only said, ‘I don't look for the ordinary, I look for the personal touch.’” For his family of four, he asked for a home that would showcase their story, values and love for art, as well as their passion for travel and books. “Additionally, the house would speak of colour as well as art furniture collected from around the world,” says the designer.

The aspiration the client had from his home directed Jaimini towards an eclectic style that would embrace diverse cultures. For instance, the living room, which is modulated into formal and informal sections, is divided with a swing which can be used from both sides. Similarly, the master bedroom communicates the couple’s love for art, as well as for the breezy, beautiful vistas of Santorini, and the private area of the client’s mother mirrors her simple, modest, and devout personality through a largely neutral palette teamed with a green floral wallpaper and intricately-designed furniture customised by a local artist from Jodhpur.

The back of the Buddha statue is designed to reflect the Buddhist philosophy

“Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. If you are going through hard times know that good times are on the way.
This is the philosophy that is believed in by Mohanty’s.

Bringing all elements together under one roof and creating spaces for each individual to match their needs and requirements was most challenging, says the designer.
 “In this project, the client taught us that it’s not just the interior space which makes a home, it’s also the people and the things that they’re most connected to that matter,” smiles Jaimini.

The living room that is completed in the hues of blue, grey and white, has two distinct living spaces – one for entertaining and other for the family. “Even before beginning the project, Mohanty’s had this distinction in mind,” said Mahida. The distinction needed to be stark but not concrete. So, the visual partition and the main element of the space is the swing which does not break the room in two but creates a visual division, softy. 

The couple is fond of many things, but the art is reminiscent in all parts of their lives. They wanted to bring one of the most beautiful places in the world to their home. Blue domes, Paved Paths, Candy-coloured houses, White-washed edifices and the sea are reminiscent of Santorini and made for the inspiration for their bedroom. The bed set brings the space the uplifted colour done beautifully by “Brinda,

Founder of Abstrac Home”. The canopy blue bed along with white and blue side tables that hold memories of Paris in a jar for the couple.

The most traditional and serene room of the house has to be Client’s mother’s room. Her room’s inspiration is her – simple, modest, and devout. The intricately-designed furniture is customized by a local artist from Jodhpur including the bed, side tables, temple and hanging lights.

About - 
  • Project Name : Abhyuday_An Apartment in Ahmedabad
  • Project Type : Residential
  • Location : Monte 9, Nandi Hills, Ahmedabad
  • Designer Name: ID Jaimini Mahida
  • Team of Architects or designers Name: Nishit Solanki
  • Year Built : 2022
  • Built up : 4400 sq. ft.
  • Photography: MKGandhi (https://instagram.com/mkgandhi_studio?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)

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