Radiance Residence by Ar.Suraj Mittal


  • Name of the project: Radiance Residence
  • Design Team:  Suraj Mittal
  • Location: Janakpuri, New Delhi
  • Area (Sq.ft): 5500  sq. ft. 
  • Completion date: Feb 2022
  • Initiation date: Oct 2020

Irrespective of the centuries gone by and the decades to come, building a home always proves to be an exclusive and personal experience. For eminent designers like Suraj Mittal, Founder and Principal Architect of Future Concepts, residential projects come with the responsibility of curating designs that are more reflective of the owners than the designers’ niche. Nestled in the affluent neighbourhood of Janakpuri, Delhi, this contemporary urban residence features modish design details that constantly outshine each other as they settle into a plush definition of exalted luxury. It boasts a magnificent curation of evergreen elements interpreting an eclectic theme of tastes and stipulations in different parts of the house.

Adhering to the client’s mandate, ‘Radiance Residence’ is arranged like a quaint Jazz symphony unfolding amidst discrete design rhythms and settles within regal prominence.  The entire house follows an eclectic theme to accommodate their prismatic taste and requirements, but never swerves from belonging in the same space. Ar. Suraj Mittal achieves the all-embracing design theme of the house by commissioning the colour palette as his second-in-command. A stroll around the house reveals a concoction of warm, vibrant, rich and deep tones imbued in different parts of the house, for instance, the dining space is incandescently warm whereas the second floor announces itself with its pristine white definitions. A superfluous classification of the house divides it into seven major spaces which include the bedrooms, the living room, the dining area, the practice kitchen with a washing space in it, the bar lounge and the patio. Every space is delegated a focal theme which essentially dictates all the design elements stationed there. 

As one makes their way around the living and dining area, the comprehensive transition of the design narration in the house knocks into their vision. The spaces are positioned adjacent to each other with only an artful tinted glass partition separating them; however, the drastic progression from the living room’s stately chic palette to the dining’s fetching warmth is unmissable. While both the spaces feature plush Warwick suede fabric adorning the seating furniture, the difference in shades of the couches’ rich violet and grey and the dining chair’s pristine white put them apart.

The accent walls in both spaces starkly contrast with the sleek white wainscoting panels in the living room, departing from the textured marble cladding in the dining area. The biggest giveaway of the distinction in the palette is highlighted by the lighting installations chosen for the spaces wherein the living room is fitted with soft white ceiling lights, aided by the natural light courtesy of the balcony window, and on the other hand, artistic decor lighting hanging above the double-height dining area and the subdued wall, lighting flushes it in a warm ambience. On similar lines, every other design detail, like the flooring marble, the décor curtains, etc., is distinctly suited to the spaces.  

This is faultlessly demonstrated in intimate areas like the bedrooms wherein one room is the re-imagination of the ocean with primarily blue furnishings and textiles while the other reverberates the song of nature with impressions of green and similar earthy tones as the reigning palette.  Each bathroom is designed to resonate a discerning theme encased in corresponding classic marble cladding with emerald, veined white or grey pieces, working with the bath ware fittings, incandescent ceilings, and lighting fixtures.

The second floor of the house is an easy walk-through wrapped around a modish white marble parapet weaved with intricate jail work. The bar lounge here is a quaint space tucked along a window where the bold colour scheme of the seating settles in contradiction with the muted grey of the walls. The intriguing decor installation above the bar counter brings particular interest to itself as it reveals a grid of grey rotating cubes over a red-illuminated backdrop.  Right opposite the lounge, over the parapet is a small prayer space which gives a personal nuance to the home. 

The house hosts a soiree of ornate design materials vicariously chosen for their proven mettle in building interpretations, in addition to settling seamlessly with the individual themes of the spaces. For instance, the procession of fine Italian marble flooring and wall cladding running across the house is fastidiously chosen by Future Concepts such that their colour, texture, patterns, and details complement the compositions of the space.

Taking the reins of designing a home that speaks for its owners, Suraj Mittal and his team at Future Concepts prepared a seven-course meal with ‘Radiance Residence’. The residence is a treatise allowing diverse palates to coexist in a comfortable harmony of sublime renditions. 

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